An Old Tractor (a Poem in Western Verse)

An Old Tractor

An old tractor shed

frames the Colorado Rockies

old wooden pillars open

my eyes to the blue

sky clear like a

candle’s care.

The moon hangs high

revealing the ripeness

it had a week ago.

The peace and quiet of

the West is hard to

capture in words

I write knee crouched

to avoid rattlers.

Although the old

shed is inviting, she

hesitates with an invitation

knowing I am alone

My shadow keeps me

company as I listen

to the trucks

hum down I-25.

Sitting in this pile

of earth

stretching from

eye-gaze to eye-haze,

I know someday

I’ll live on a ranch

Peace has punctuated

this moment

and God illuminates

within my shadow

The soul envies nothing;

it only strives for

calm winds to

carry it to its

soulmate: peace on earth within the boundaries of love

* I was going to put a photo in this post, but I feel it would ruin the reader’s own imagery created from the poem.

Wyoming Pokes

I was very excited today to see a 6th grade student at the middle school I work at wearing a University of Wyoming t-shirt. It was nice to see the bucking bronco. I asked him where he got the shirt and he said he didn’t know.

I always get a kick out of seeing Wyoming stuff like license plates and t-shirts in North Carolina. I saw a Wyoming hoodie at the  county fair and I stopped to ask the young college kid. He too didn’t know where he got it.

I miss my homeland. The South still feels very foreign to me.