Eat Fresh – Eat Local

Eat Fresh – Eat Local

I went to the local Farmer’s Market with a new mom friend today.  Plenty of personalities and stories accompanied my locally grown bought vegetables and fruits.  I bought blueberries, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, cantaloupe, sweet corn (1/2 dozen for $2.00 – can’t beat that), peaches, red potatoes, plump red vine tomatoes, and onions.

I mentioned to my friend that it would be neat to profile these farmers with photos and stories so local people would know who they in fact are buying their local produce from.  So here is just a little bit of what I would envision an article to look like.  Note: this is not in its professional completion – more of a sampling.  But seriously – don’t these faces and images beckon your curiosity?

Fresh Flowers – ahh the beauty of summer – ahh the beauty of local dirt and sunshine

Mr. Bottoms from Martha’s Vineyard Farm in Statonsburg, loading up his leftovers from Farmer’s Market

Colors of an Artist

These little fellas are just begging to go to a good home. Just be sure to give lots of love to them.


My favorite part of the afternoon was chatting with “Shorty” who told me just a little pecan pie slice of his live.  Turns out he has been farming for a good part of his life, from 1930 – 1974.  Then he went into construction, building homes for a bit.  Now he just gardens an acre as a hobby on his family’s farm off Highway 301. I reckon there’s a lot more to ole’ Shorty’s life.  His eyes are the color of blue bonnet flowers sprinkled with Pacific blue ocean hues.

I am going back to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday.  They have it twice a week. On Wednesdays it is downtown next to the new Greenlight Building and on Saturday it is at the Wilson Fairgrounds.

Don’t those eyes tell a story?  Don’t you want to know the story of where your food comes from?


These hands picked them vegetables.  I think that is pretty cool to know who dug in the good earth for your homegrown meal.

There’s a great book by one of my favorite authors, Barbara Kingsolver.  She explores and lives the theme of eating locally.  She and her family (husband and two daughters) moved from Arizona to a farm in Appalachian Virginia country and only ate what was grown locally.  The book reads easily and smoothly, just like licking homemade ice cream (which you can also get at the Wilson Farmer’s Market).  Barbara’s book is called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : A Year of Food Life.

“My eye doctor told me I have the prettiest eyes she has ever seen.” I agree with her Shorty! They sure are eyes grown with goodness.

Now if you would like to pick some fresh scuppernong grapes and feel like getting out for a good ole’ country drive, head South on Highway 58 and turn right when you see a great big sign that says, “Martha’s Vineyard.” Mr. Bottoms will let ya pick all the grapes your belly will hold for just $1.00.  Of course you can pick some for the other bellies in your family too.

“You can pick all the grapes your belly’ll hold.”  Mr. Bottoms of Martha’s Vineyard (This is my favorite picture I took of the market today – it makes me smile)

A Room of My Own!

Isn't it delightful! Yes, indeed it is! Everyone needs a room of their own - Now go create your own (after you read my blog post, of course!)

I am typing in my own room that is so not filled with clutter it makes me giddy with artistic and I must admit, anal, delight!  All that is in this room right now is an antique desk that has been with me for many years of artistic and creative and human ups and downs, a vase with yellow birds, a coffee mug (with delightful coffee), a chair, and my inspired creativity, oh and don’t forget space…lots and lots of lofty and white ballooned space. And the baby monitor.

Now I know what Virginia Wolf was talking about.  I do indeed have a room of my own.

"A Room of My Own" - My writer's and creator's haven

We had this room painted with it being the intention of being the new master bedroom, because it has a closet that connects to Little B’s nursery.  Little B has been sleeping in our bedroom which is on the other side of the house.  Yes, my house has wings it seems.  It is an 1880 Victorian – one level and it is huge, over 2800 square feet – way too much for me to keep up with as far as cleaning goes. But that is another blog entry.

I am so excited to be typing and creating at this little desk.  I will insert pictures.

We have a room that we share called “The Art Room.”  It is a name from our shared office and creation space in Wyoming.  I have inserted photos to show you how non-conducive “The Art Room” is now for creation in a clutter free and stress free room.

"The Art Room" - this view is behind my desk - clutter which needs to be sorted and "Zenned"

To be honest, “The Art Room” has been closed off because it has been the dumping ground since we had our family room, which we call the Parlor (yes this old house could be like the house in Clue without the murders of course it has that many rooms) painted a nice yellow.  I should insert photo here of hallway and parlor which are connected.  The thing is with photos is I have been taking my laptop around which has the program Photo Booth and I snap photos with it because I can just upload them without having to download them from my digital camera which involves multi steps and hooking up USB cables and all that mess.

"The Art Room" with all its disorganization and clutter - how this room would make Martha Stewart nervous!!

You can see here why I would not want to create in this room, let alone be in it!  I am in the process of sorting, organizing, and de-cluttering.  I need Martha Stewart, Necey from Clean House, and those British cleaning ladies from How Clean is Your House. In fact, I found a bunch of mice poop behind this desk in “The Art Room” that is now in “A Room of My Own.”  No judgement – I have a house built in 1880 – there’s going to be mice descended from Victorian age mice! I hate mice by the way and they give me the creeps.  But I cleaned up the mice poop and scrubbed the desk super super clean and then dusted with Pledge and moved the desk by myself (I could have waited to move the desk – but I am an Aries and I like to think my impatience and insistence on doing things my myself is an Aries thing:)).  That was the task at hand – to get the desk in A Room of My Own.

We just are not ready to have all that stuff go on just yet.  I am a mobile office basically and all I am working with is a diaper bag and a laptop.  Minimal! Just for now.

So Little B is asleep for his late morning/early afternoon nap and the monitor is on and in “My Room of My Own.”

This is the view from the right side of my desk in "My Room of my Own"

So here I am just blabbing away (I guess what they call blogging because I don’t really consider this crafting of writing, but it sure is fun and I don’t really care about what I write because I have such a small readership (and I really appreciate you three (Sara, Christina, and Rebecca – love your comments – feeds my ego:)).  I feel I can take more risks with a small readership.  It can be compared to a small printing press or publishing company!  I just haven’t made it big yet so I will enjoy being anonymous.  I can get a few more readers from posting to Facebook, but that is kind of annoying because I feel like it too flashy.  Anyway – sometimes I post to Facebook when I feel I have written something really good (crafted something good in terms of writing, not blogging) or when my ego needs more numbers on my blog stats of views per post.

Close up of the desk I writing on

Taking a picture of Little B in his basinette, which is NOT in "A Room of my Own"

The View Above - The Pleasure of High Ceilings - this is what I see when I look up in "A Room of my Own"

The view outside - isn't that charming?

White Sheer Curtain View - How Delightful and Crisp

Little B asleep in his basinette while Mama Meg enjoys her new space for just mama!

Little B in a basket in the bay window

Well, Little B should be getting up soon and I have to shift gears into Mama mode… we are going to the library today via a stroller walk (it is just a couple blocks away) to read some books.  I hope you all have a great Tuesday and have time and space to create or enjoy in a room of your own!