Social Media: Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect on Social Media

My blogs:

Memomuse — Cowboys, Creativity, Motherhood, Photography, and Earthy-Thinky Stuff

The Community Kitchen: Women in the Kitchen and History in the Making — Historic food memoir about my great-grandmother’s and grandmother’s food delivery business and bakery in Evanston, Illinois.  Food = Story.

The Original Journal — A collection of hand written journal signatures I solicit from random people I meet on my travels. Will you sign the journal?

Social Media:

Red Bubble Shop – Buy photos, greeting cards, iPad covers, Smart phone covers, stickers, posters and other items:

I am a  regular contributor to APtly Said. Find me there too the third Monday of each month.

  • memomuse, windswept by the sea, filled with grace, dancing in ease, echo beauty, she does not often call, muse comes once, answer her call

    memomuse, windswept by the sea, filled with grace, dancing in ease

    All Rights Reserved (Do not copy please)

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    The Sea

    The Sea

3 thoughts on “Social Media: Let’s Connect

    • I don’t use Pinterest very much. A lot of people love love love it. Just take your time and explore. You will catch on quick and waste many hours on it. That is why I stopped using it. Like many of the social media choices, it steals time away. I do enjoy the visual aspect of Pinterest. But I find that it is hard to credit the original creator of a post or image and I am a stickler for copyright law because I have had many of my own photographs reposted without permission or credit.


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