Endorsed by Endorphins

This Post is Endorsed by Endorphins
#Exercise is a powerful way to grow your inner and outer strength. We all have an inner force that is waiting to grow new #muscles and gain muscle in already defined muscles. The best self help book you can ever buy is a #YMCA or gym membership. 
I felt like a super hero in my spin class. The instructor was amazing but as I rode I eliminated the negative self talk with positive, telling myself, “You’re a badass. You got this. What if you finish this class. I challenge you to enjoy this.” You have to understand this as well — I didn’t exercise last week (Monday-Thursday) after having been in a daily exercise habit for three months (since May). I noticed how I felt like I was back where I began — unmotivated and not thrilled to start exercise routine again and other habits of mind taking root again. Like that horrible thorny vine that takes over healthy bushes and trees. It is impossible to dig out and kill unless treated at the root. And it is hard to find the root when it runs rampant. 

My exercise routine is my self help book. I am trying to retrain my brain and get to the root of negative thinking. I am allowing myself to tell my story using my voice. My writing voice is the strongest muscle I have. 

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God bless #endorphins.

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