Mini Muse Interviews


I met Josh at Krispie Kreme in Greenville, NC; he is a ukulele player.

Name: Josh

Goal:  “Sell a rubber band on EBay.  Someone bought the meaning of life for $3.66.”

1.  Age:  “In my 20′s” (East Carolina University alumni)
2.  Hope:  “To see all my friends someday.”
3.  Dream:  “Leave the world a better place than I found it.”
4.  Fear:  “I get nervous around ceiling fans.  Bees.”
5.  Love:  “God”

I am starting a new project called the Mini Muse Interviews.  I ask strangers five questions.  Well, actually I give them five words for them to free associate or give complete answers.  It’s up to the stranger and their muse.  This project launched publicly on January 18, 2011. with “Josh, the Ukulele Player.”

Name: Ryne

Place of Interview: Krispie Kreme, Greenville, NC  ~ January 2011

Age:  20

Hope:  “I hope to significantly impact the lives of people less fortunate than myself.”

Dream:  “I had a weird dream last night.  All my like straight edge friends were drunk off their minds at a New Year’s Eve party.”

Fear:  “I am afraid of letting people down.”

Love:  “I love exploring.”

Mini Muse Template:

Fill in the following —

I hope…

I wish…

I dream…

I am (be)…


These prompts are optional.

Share three things about yourself.

Share three images of your choice.

I will…

I want…

I fear…

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