Cleaning chore day here at our house. My husband mowed the lawn while I cleaned the house. I deep cleaned the living room — sweeping, mopping, and straightening up. I redecorated the mantle with seashells from trips to the beach. Hard to believe summer is over.

 I love the living room with the original wood floors that have lasted a century and a half. The floor to ceiling windows are nice too. 

I first saw the living room when I first saw this 1880 house. It had a dead lady’s things in it, but Aunt Billy (I refer to her as Aunt Billy because that is how a neighbor introduced her and it stuck). I have her grey Royal typewriter that I bought from her nephew. Aunt Billy was a writer and a chain smoker. #typewriters #cleaning #oldhomes #historichomes #chores #seashells -#oceanmuse #nauticaltheme

It Splits You Open

“Let go of everything when you write, and try at a simple beginning with simple words to express what you have inside. It won’t begin smoothly. Allow yourself to be awkward. You are stripping yourself. You are exposing your life, not how your ego would like to see you represented, but how you are as a human being. And it is because of this that I think writing is religious. It splits you open and softens your heart toward the homely world.” — Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones