Fish Bowl


“Fish Bowl”

The fish can see us, says the child, as she stares

rare to find such honesty from adults

the child understands the two-way mirror

Adults only acknowledging their principles raw

we look and seek for errors in judgement

errors in our own behavior management

Yet, the fish swims in his tiny bowl

“He can see us,” the child says

staring at the fish bowl, seeking nothing

but entertainment

Learning from the child’s words

I acquire a new rhythm

a new stance

The fish can see us

perhaps we should smile

could it be that simple

perhaps it can.

* this poem was written by yours truly in 2002, an oldie but goodie.  I have been thumbing through old journals.  They are so interesting to read and look at.  I have found that the older I get, the more reluctant I am to write my dark thoughts down, in fear of someone…

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American Flag

American Flag

In honor of the lives that were lost in Boston and in honor of their family members. It is a tragic loss to have lost lives to this senseless act of violence.

In honor of all the victims who were injured and suffering from this senseless act of violence.

In honor of the emergency personnel and people who helped those who were injured.

In honor of the service men and women who have protected us and fought for our freedom. In honor of those that protect us now.

In honor of kindness. In honor of integrity. In honor of hope. In honor of grief. In honor of those with broken hearts who lend their last bandage to mend the broken hearts of others.

In honor of America.

In honor.

God bless and good be.

You can donate here to The One Fund:

Article in the Boston Herald about The One Fund: