Photos of the Day and a Little Ramble about San Antonio

I can’t get anything done when the baby is awake.  I have to surrender to this.  And when he starts to crawl and walk – well, game over, because he will have four limbs at work and I am barely containing the two working hands.  So here is a photo of the day for today’s post.  If I had the time and he actually napped for longer, I would write an essay called, “How They Grow So Fast.”  Maybe I can write that tonight after class on mom’s night off.  I love mom’s night off. Really I do. I really love it. Did I say that already.  I go to grad class from 6:30 – 9:30 pm and my in-laws watch the boy until my husband gets home from work.  I commute so I leave town at about 4 pm to meet my friend, Christina (another wonderful writer in the ECU MA in English Creative Writing program) for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.  After class I go to a coffee shop and write or just enjoy the alone time to be with my muse.

Got to go.  Baby alarm.  The boss is calling.

Enjoy the photo.

Enjoy your day.

I took this photo, “Birds on Red Statue”  in 2008 in San Antonio, Texas when I presented at the NCTE Conference (National Council of Teachers of English).  That was a fun trip.  What a great city. Anyone have a good title for this photo?  I am thinking about making some cards with this photo.  What would the line on the inside of the card say? “Did you hear about Albert?” 

Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2008

Alarm two is going off. Snooze button busted!
*** There is some more writing below the Alamo photo.  Scroll down please.

Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2008

Well, he is occupied with the Baby Einstein and I am going to go with it. Here is another photo from San Antonio.  Two guesses – No, not a photo of the Riverwalk.  Although that is so beautiful.  Which reminds me, when I was walking on The Riverwalk during my trip there, I had a guy stop me and offer me twenty bucks to answer some questions.  He would not say what the network was, but he asked about what kind of shows women would want to watch.  I gave him a dissertation about shows to need to show the reality of life and the emotions of life.  My usual poet speech about the human condition and how we all suffer and celebrate such high and lows.  Well, he finally told me after a hard core Meg probing.  It was for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Interesting to see that on TV now.  Well, I got rid of my TV, but still I like the network. Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2008