Happy Birthday America — You’re One Hot Mama

Dear America,

Happy Birthday!  I love the beauty of your people, your land, and your rights. I am a proud Patriot and thankful for all the opportunities you provide for me and my people. America is a land of opportunity, freedom, and beauty.

Sure, we have some wankers that give us Americans a bad rap, but overall we are good people with good hearts. We bleed red, white, and blue.

I am grateful for clean, hot water I get as a tax payer and as a citizen in this beautiful country. I am also grateful to say whatever the hell I want and to know I am protected by our constitution.  I have so many rights as an American citizen and I am plenty grateful for that. Thank you.

Thank you especially to the veterans who have fought for our freedom, because freedom is not free. Many lives have been lost defending our country. Many souls have been destroyed by the trauma of war and I am grateful to those veterans and their families. My father was a veteran, still is — probably telling war stories in Heaven (although I don’t think there is a need for war stories in Heaven. I believe God takes away that pain in Heaven). Nonetheless, my daddy is in Heaven. He never liked being called Daddy per say. It was Dad.

July 4th is my favorite holiday. It is full of firecrackers, parades, beaches, barbecues, friends, family, love, and patriotism. God bless America.


Photo by Megan Oteri


I am ending this post with my two favorite patriotic songs.  “God Bless America” by Lee Greenwood and “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.

Have a great weekend America. You are a beauty with many battle scars. Thank you for being you.