A Rooster Crows in the City

The morning wakes quietly, revealing hidden gems only those fluent in her language hear.

I woke restless and wide eyed at 4 am. I could not get back to sleep. So I surfed the most mild distraction I could find — my phone, checking emails and Insta likes. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t.

So I woke and read a relevant article that spoke to my heart. I flipped the page open to a spiritual magazine on the table. As I gobbled my Golden Grahams, it was shocking how on point the article was to my worrries and even dreams.

I mopped the dirty kitchen floor and dining room area. A clean kitchen floor is something that shines, inside out. We all have dirty floor days and shiny bright new days. Sometimes a simple mop and bucket can be a profound metaphor.

I got my morning chores done and am enjoying the quiet of dawn on my porch. This plant is happy in its home on the outdoor table, growing and thriving in a well matched environment.

A rooster crows (literally) somewhere on a city block nearby. Strange to hear a rooster crow but living in this neighborhood nothing really surprises me.

The crickets chirp in their constant buzz equaling silence and peace. The night sky has not lifted the curtain to day.

Perhaps sometimes it is nice to be a morning person, even if not by choice.

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