Teaching Artist and Writer-in-Residence

cropped photoMegan Oteri is an educator with vision and purpose. Her forte is helping students find their unique voices, unleashing the power of story within each child and adult.

She has taught Language Arts and Special Education to a wide range of students and is no stranger to the classroom, having worked with youth from elementary through high school. In addition, she has designed, developed, and written curriculum for school districts and presented at national conferences.

She offers a wide array of workshops and can tailor workshops to meet your school, organization, and business needs. Some of the workshops she offers are “The Bicycle of Poetry: Riding through the Five Senses,” “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” which is a photography and writing across the curriculum workshop, “Memoir and Voice Workshop,” and “Poetry Residences and Poetry Slams.”

Workshops offered

Workshops offered

Megan Oteri is willing to travel to your location for workshops and residencies (regionally, nationally, and internationally), as well as conducting training seminars to meet your business needs. Contact her directly at meganoteri@gmail.com for more information.

About Megan OteriTeaching Artist and Writer-in-Residence

About Megan Oteri
Teaching Artist and Writer-in-Residence


Bachelor of Arts in Special/Elementary Education from Providence College

Master of Arts in English (Creative Writing) from East Carolina University


15 years of experience as a teacher in Elementary, Special Education, Language Arts, and residential treatment schools.

teaching artist circle


“Megan facilitated a great program for our students at MSR. She was organized, had lessons plans, and allowed the students to have creative freedom. Megan had a solid wrap around with a day to explore, a few days to create and then a day to present. She understood our Montessori methodology and allowed the students to really work at their own pace. She asked great questions and really helped those who needed assistance with starting to write or choosing an idea. She worked well with the staff, met with them to understand our expectations, and followed their lead when it came to classroom and behavior management. We have invited her back this year to do a poetry residency with our Lower Elementary students (6-9 yrs.)”

— Nancy Erichetti, Head of School, Montessori School of Raleigh

“Our students enjoyed Megan’s project, “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.” She was flexible and creative in her approach with our students and teachers.”

— Justin Tosco, Teacher Montessori School of Raleigh

“I am recommending Megan, to anyone that has a passion for the Arts and Empowering our youth Through The Arts. Megan is successful Teacher Artist in North Carolina. Megan recognizes our need to reach our children today by creative and inventive means. She is passionate about bringing stronger teaching through the arts programs to her school district and anywhere else where the need is present. I am a huge supporter of her mission. I employ all that read this recommendation to join her in her quest to Educate and Empower Youth Through The Arts. Megan is not only touching lives, she is saving Lives!”

— Jamal Campbell, Program Instructor at GAAP (Georgia Adult Autism Program)

“Megan Oteri and I worked closely on a writing program for high school students in Cheyenne. She’s a terrific arts educator. I’m also very familiar with her written work and photography. Her behind-the-scenes photos of the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo gave me a new appreciation of the sport and its fans. I highly recommend Megan Oteri!”

— Mike Shay,¬†Communications & Marketing Specialist Wyoming Arts Council

“Megan is a passionate, caring teacher. Her patience and talents made a difference to a very challenging demographic, at-risk youth. Megan’s dedication opened up new possibilities for many young people, helping them to appreciate the Arts and Humanities, and explore talents and potential that they would have never otherwise discovered.”

— John Karakalpakis, Operations Manager at Specialty Counseling and Consulting, LLC

“As a 4th grade teacher, Megan Oteri’s greatest strength was her creativity and use of arts integration in her classroom. Students were challenged to use their artistic skills throughout the curriculum. Students produced plays, poetry, and personal books while in her classroom. They routinely incorporated technology in their artistic products. Ms. Oteri was passionate about teaching students through the use of innovation and creativity. She believes in the power of the arts to help students blossom and bloom into their full potential.”

— Annell George-McLawhorn, Assistant Principal at Grifton K-8 School

“I have worked with Megan Oteri a number of times in the past few years, and have observed her work in the classroom and schools. She is a gifted and passionate teacher, with a talent for engaging students in the curriculum.”

— Mimi Herman, Fellow at North Carolina A+ Schools Program, North Carolina Arts Council

“Megan used her creative talents and abilities providing instruction to middle school students who showed tremendous academic growth as a result of her work with them.”

— Paula Coates, Principal at Johnston County Schools

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