Winter Muse

‎”In a way, winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurgence of nature.” – Edna O’Brien, Irish novelist

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This is a quote I put up on the Original Journal Facebook page.  I feel it summarizes where I’m at this winter.  I’m doing a lot of reflecting and observing, especially of my son, Benjamin who has turned into a thinking, smart, funny, independent, creative, curious, chaos creating, little boy.  The other day he just went right on up to his height chair and swiped the cookie off the plate.  It made me realize how tall he has grown.  How tall he is.  And how independent he is becoming. 

Ben at park recently

I am a fan of winter.  Having lived in Wyoming for most of my life and also Chicago growing up, I always had snow in winter.

Here in North Carolina, it is rare.  When it does appear and a lovely thin blanket covers eastern North Carolina, the whole of society shuts down.  The milk, bread, and eggs are wiped clean off all grocery shelves, including Dollar Stores and Dollar Tree Stores.  It is hilarious.  I am used to snowstorms thick as buses and drifts to prove it.  

I miss winter a lot.  But when it is below zero in Wyoming with a windchill of twenty below, I think about, well maybe, I’m not so fond of deep winter — cold and wet.  I do miss looking outdoors or being greeted by a crisp clean, fresh-white Wyoming snow-covered morning.  I do miss that indeed.  A fresh layer of snow gives one a new perspective on scenery and place.

But crisp air and scarves make me quite happy too.   I also delight in slipping on a pair of gloves and getting my fingers toasty warm.  There is also something very elegant about a pair of a woman’s fitted gloves. 

Mom and me on my wedding day, November 2003. A beautiful winter blizzard covered the streets with fresh sparkly snow the night before. My friend from California, MaLisa, said the snow looked like sugary crystals.

My mom update:  she is still alive and cognitive.  I call her about three times a week.  She is pretty deaf so it is hard for her to hear me and have conversations on the phone.  I am planning on visiting her again either in February or March. 

I am an official graduate.  I have a Master in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. 

Graduating from the English Department ceremony

Yeah me.  I worked very hard on this task.  I attended evening classes for two years (2009-2011), then enrolled full-time last spring. 

I am now looking into making a career change.  I am meeting with a career counselor from my university this week.  I am really excited about the future, as it holds so many more possibilities now that I have a master’s degree in a field I love: creative writing. 

So, what is your favorite winter activity?  I like to be a hermit and read and write and sit by the fireplace.  And of course, drink hot tea with lemon and honey.  I don’t get too much down time with a toddler, so it is cuddling by the fire watching Thomas the Train.  We recently got a virus and were SICK.  Enough said.  Anyway, I watched a lot of Thomas the Train videos on Netflicks.  I kinda dig that Thomas.  My husband loves British comedy.  I think I even caught him once watching Monty Python and multi-tasking watching Ben. 

Well, that is the 411 on my life these days.  Oh, I almost forgot to share.  I totally sucked at Christmas gifts this year.  I just couldn’t take the pressure.  I got Ben some cool toys, but my poor husband got lame gifts.  We just are not materialistic people so gift giving is hard.  And we have been so frugal since I quit my job as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom.  (Or should I say cook, dishwasher, cleaning lady, child care attendant).  It is a sacrifice that I am happy I made.   But shit, I miss my income!


But I certainly realize and have much more respect for stay-at-home moms and my parents and parents in general. 

Well, answer the poll if you’d like and we’ll check in with each other in a bit.  Sorry I am a lame hermit elusive blogger these past two months.  I liken myself with that of the moose, elusive and mysterious.  Happy wintering.

Take the poll please! What is your favorite winter activity?

By the way, it is 70 degrees here today on February 1 in eastern North Carolina.  Unseasonably warm.  I’m looking forward to the next cold snap.