What I Love @ Miami

I am on vacation. (Don’t worry- my police officer, gun nut, brother-in-law is watching my house).

I love Florida. I actually am smitten with Miami. We had to leave today. Heading to the Magic Kingdom. Although I hardly think landlocked Orlando can be more magical than South Beach’s crystal clear azure Caribbean blue water. Mickey Mouse does live at Disneyworld though, so there’s got to be some magic.

I’ll break this into a top ten list  (which does not give justice to the colorful, exciting, and sexy city of Miami). And I was only in Miami for three days. So…
Here is a modified list:


This color of the ocean.
2. Flowering trees– the colors are so striking. 

3. Palm trees– they just ooze paradise and calm. Like I can’t imagine anyone losing their $ hit under a palm tree. Really I can’t imagine anyone losing their temper under any tree but you get my drift.

4. That being at the beach just two days makes me look and feel beautiful.

5. Big buildings. Big beauty.  Big. Go big or go home. (I really don’t want to g,o home).image

6. Big boats. Big yachts.

7. Shoes. There are a lot of sexy shoes in Miami. And I love a well played pair of sexy designer heels and a bikini.  I really had never seen it until going to South Beach. 

8. Pools

I love a pretty pool and Miami has plenty of them. This is the pool at the Crowne Plaza International.

9. Languages
I overheard a group of people speaking French. I said “Boujour” to a woman in the group as I walked by. She said, “Boujour.” Since I took French in high school, I sounded natural.  At that moment I felt like an international woman of mystery.  There are so many languages being spoken. Miami truely is an international city.

10. The people. People watching is a verb. So many stories.

I  blogging from my phone so sorry about spelling errors.