#MyMomMonday #mmm

Let’s celebrate our moms on Monday. If you would like to join me in a celebration of your mother, create a collage to honor her and/or remember her and add hashtag #mymommonday and/or #mmm. It can be similar to #tbt or #throwbackthursday.

I created this collage in my writing and technology integration class.

I made this Pixlr collage in class after writing about my dream room. In my dream room, my mother is still alive.

I made this Pixlr collage in class after writing about my dream room. In my dream room, my mother is still alive.

This is an explanation of my dream room collage: “I wanted to share Pixlr collage I made in my technology and writing integration class. The writing assignment was to visualize our dream room. The professor read prompts for us to visualize our dream room. I tried to stay in the seaside room with the white sheer curtains blowing in the breeze, but I slipped back to Maxwell Ave.’s living room in Cheyenne where both my parents were sitting in their chairs — drinking coffee, smoking butts, and telling stories. They made me laugh. They were imperfect lovely people. They were mine. I miss them both, but my mother’s absence hurts the most in a way I can’t really explain.”

Here is a collage I created with old photos (the ones you hold in your hands).

#MyMomMonday Collage 1

#MyMomMonday Collage 1

Here is an excerpt from my dream room writing exercise:

In my dream room, my mom is with me. I can smell her breath as she talks to me — cigarettes and coffee and the taste of laughter on my lips. No one could ever make me laugh like she did.

My belly often ached after sessions with her in the kitchen nook. We’d chain-smoke and drink pots of coffee. She told me so many stories I jotted down in anecdotal notations, written zigzag and crooked across college ruled spiral notebooks. My mother’s stories are mirrors I can’t look into anymore. Too young, too selfish, too preoccupied to have written them down as I should have done. Instead, I long to go back and sit in the kitchen nook.


Recently, I have discovered a small cassette tape that was labeled “Mom.”  I hoped it contained all her stories as I had begun to write (or tape record) her memoirs in the early 2000’s. Yet I couldn’t find a tape recorder. A friend from high school mailed me one. Sara knew my mom well from many weekend soccer trips on our traveling select team. In fact, Betty may have told Sara off; it was something that happened often. Betty sometimes could be difficult, but it can’t be denied, she was honest. She was born and bred in New York City.

The tape was empty. I could not hear her voice or her stories. I have been filled with sadness all week.  I want to remember her dialogue, her cadence, her laughter; I want to recreate it, for it is gone. I do have her voice recorded on my digital recorder and from phone messages. One message I play often is quite simple. Just a voice message calling me about being sick.  She says, “Hi. It’s Mom. Last time we talked you weren’t feeling too well and I was just checking on you. I hope you’re feeling peachy dandy. Love , Mother.”

So, come on. Let’s heal our grief together and/or celebrate our moms. If your mom is alive or alive in your memory or you want to reignite a fading memory — post a photo or make a collage, write a memory down, put some words together, or just remember her quietly.

#MMM #MyMomMonday. Let’s make it a thing. Pass it on.





UK or Bust

Writing and Technology Integration summer study abroad course

Check out my fundraiser. Click here for my GoFundMe page. I am trying to raise funds to help buy my airline ticket to England for a summer study abroad fellowship I was selected for.

Below is the narrative on my fundraiser page.


Help send me (Meg) to the UK.

I am a Special Education Language Arts teacher in North Carolina with 15 years teaching experience. I am going to England because I want to evolve with educational technology.

Students with learning disabilities often feel stupid; they are not. They just learn differently, technology embraces that. When actively engaged with technology, students with learning disabilities flourish.

When Thomas Edison was six years old his teacher sent the following note, “He is too stupid to learn.

I was selected as a Borchardt Fellow from a competitive applicant pool of teachers from the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina to study abroad in England. The study abroad course is titled Special Problems in Instructional Technology — Integrating Writing and Technology.
This special problems course brings together skilled North Carolina educators across content areas and grade levels to study the integration of writing and technology, using media collected from visits to historical and literary sites and interactions with other cultures to promote writing across modes and progressions and the development of multimodal portfolios.
Some of the educational technology programs we will be learning and utilizing are GlogsterSmoreToonDooGoAnimatePixlr, Google Docs, WeeblyLego StoryVisualizermyHistro timelinelettrs.com, and Prezi. Some of the sites we’ll visit are Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), the British Museum, Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury, Arundel Castle Joust Festival (yeah jousting!), Jane Austen’s Chawton, Gilbert White’s Selborne, and many other interesting places.In my own words, yehaw! This cowgirl is going to the UK. I traveled to Holland when I was 25, but other than that I have never studied abroad. I always wished I had done so in college. So this is my opportunity.

I will be blogging and social media-ing on my own social media channels about my trip, as well as completing graduate level course work on our class Weebly website. You can follow my academic work in the course here: Surrey Teachers 2014.

This brings me to asking you for a donation to help me so I can help my students, (please with British Cheerio on top). The fellowship pays for lodging, some meals, and travel/entrance fees to some of the sites. I am asking for $1600 for my airline ticket and $400 for food allowance.

I don’t have a lot to offer here, but in exchange for your donation of $100 or more, I will dedicate a blog entry or social media post to you or your company on my social media channels. I have a social media Klout score of 44 and a Kred Influence score of 675 (out of 1,000) and a Kred Outreach Level of 7 (out of 12). I have an MA in Creative Writing and I’m pretty clever with a camera. You can view my work at memomuseThe Original Journal, and Community Kitchen. I am active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TumblrGoogle+InstagramTalenthouse, and Pinterest.

To all that took the time to read this, whether you donate or not, Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

Thank you for your support.