Sleeping Baby

The Red Wheelbarrow

William Carlos Williams

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


This is memomuse’s poem below

Sleeping Baby 

So much depends 


A sleeping, happy 


Covered with 

baby drool 

Laying in 

a basinette 

Sunrise Belly

On my way to work
I stopped to smell the sunset
telling my unborn son
to embrace muse
when she dances
before him
unable to “just keep driving”
and ignore the master’s colors
I stopped and took some pictures
this is my favorite
alive and ripe
just like my baby boy inside me

Sunrise Belly

The Original Journal

From "The Chicago Leap Journal" - Entry titled "Cocktails 30,000 feet in the air" This is one of my all time favorite journal signer quotes!

So I have begun!  I created a facebook fanpage for an idea I have had for a long time.  I am also meeting with a printer Friday to start self publishing copies of a book I created.  It is a journal with quotes inside it.  The quotes are original journal signings from people who signed my journals years ago.  The thing that makes my journals unique is they have three principles: 

1.  There is a Front Door, which is rated PG-13 

2.  There is a Back Door, which is Not Yet Rated 

3. There are no rules 

So to elaborate on #1 – The Front Door is located on the cover of the journal and you turn the page just as you would normally. 

#2 – The Back Door – To get to The Back Door, you flip The Journal upside down and turn it over and that is where you are uncensored so to speak – The Back Door is Not Yet Rated. 

#3 – You can write, doodle, say anything – there are no rules 

I have had this idea for so long and have not had the guts to put it out there.  Now I have the guts and the tools to make it work.  I am using a strategy of micromovements so I don’t get overwhelmed with all the business and logical sequential things that have to be done.  I actually put it out there last summer when I wrote a book proposal and sent it to Andrews McMeel Publishing.  It made it all the way to the top, through the editor, to the acquisition editor and finally to the Acquisition Meeting (where it is presented by the acquisitions editor to the committee to see if it is going to be bought).  So that is something!  

So I need to send it out to other publishers, but I am going to self publish too and see what happens there.  I am also in the process of creating more journals with topics.  

Here is the link to the facebook fan page.  I have not put the facebook page out there totally.  I have just told several of my facebook friends about it and asked them to check it out and give me feedback on it.  Here is the link.!/pages/The-Original-Journal-by-memo/143320812361373?ref=ts 

Well, it’s been a long day and I had some bad news from work that has my heart torn up.  But the good news is that I am taking micromovements everyday and getting closer and closer to achieving my dream of my own company called “memomuse.”   Yep, all lower case on purpose.  I just don’t like how MEMOMUSE looks in all caps, but who knows. I am working with a graphic designer to create the layout of the journals so that might change. 

Front Door Cover of "The New York Journal"

The Chicago Journal Cover

"Journal Your Journey" - my company's tagline

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