Waffle House Beauty

We drove through Wendy’s — some exit off 95. My camera’s SD card in my laptop unloading 500 plus photos I took months ago.

I ordered a #1 combo but substituted a chocolate milk shake. The light on the Waffle House sign was brilliant, only accomplished in the late afternoon before afternoon courts evening.

My cell phone camera too low in battery to allow a photo, yet it still lets me watch Netflix.

I got a little neurotic; my husband knows this dance. My arms get rigged; my Aries do-it-now ram horns flare and get ready to go. My husband says, “How important is a Waffle House sign lit up by light?”

He really meant no unkindness.  But in that one slow moment, there was nothing more important — the bright yellow sign glowing in Autumn light — fire truck red straight across beneath painting perfect contrast.

What is a scene or something you remember lit up lovely?