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If you are new to my blog, I feature brain tumor survivors on my blog on Thursdays.  You can read more about this feature and archived posts here.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tammy.

I hope…

I hope for a cure.

Brain Cancer Awareness

 I wish…

I wish for a cure for my headaches.

I dream…

I dream I will be here to see my kids grow up.

Tammy’s family

I am….

I am stronger than my cancer.

I was diagnosed January 2011 after I thought I was having mini strokes. It turned out to be GBM grade 4. I had my 1st resection 1/7/2011. My second was 1/17/2012. I also had surgery for radiation necrosis–more cancer cells were found at that time. I did Temodar and 30 something treatments of radiation. After one of my surgeries, I wound up with spinal meningitis and staph and Pseudomonas infections. I was in the hospital for almost the entire spring of 2012. I had gamma knife surgery August 2011 for yet another tumor. In a couple of weeks, I will be given a vaccine my surgeon has been working on. He has had great success in his lab animals, so I am hoping for the same for me.

3 Things about me:

These are photos and images Tammy wanted to share.

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Diagnosis and Treatment:

1)    Diagnosed in January of 2011 with GBM grade 4

2)    First surgery on 1/7/2011

3)    Gamma knife surgery August 2011 for recurrence

4)    Second surgery on 1/17/2012

5)    Surgery for radiation necrosis of which more cancer cells were found

6)    Spinal meningitis along with staph and Pseudomonas infections

7)    Did Temodar and 30 treatments of radiation

8)    In hospital for pretty much the entire spring 2012

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