Recycled Dresses and Papier-mâché Messes

Meet Olivia Mears.

Olivia in 2015's Wrapping Paper Dress

Olivia in Avant-Geek 2015’s Wrapping Paper Dress

I met Olivia at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. It was a rainy day and we spent the entire day touring the inside of the Biltmore. We spent the previous day touring the grounds and other areas of the Biltmore Estate. My husband, four year old son, and I were exhausted as we rode on the shuttle back to the parking lot. And what do you know — a princess was waiting at the bus stop for the shuttle in a princess dress.  My son exclaimed, “Look Mama! There’s the princess who lives at the castle.”  It was a precious serendipitous moment and she added the perfect magic ending to our amazing day.

I invited her to share her profile with us. She is a very talented young lady and she is certainly going places. It is my pleasure to introduce you to our first Monday Muse Maker, Olivia of Avant-Geek.


I hope… Artists come in all shapes and sizes, presenting different forms of art. There will always be those who claim what they do is not art, or is a waste of time/materials. I’ve watched fellow artists become discouraged and leave their craft behind them. I hope I never give up on what I do. It is what I love to do and it brings smiles to people’s faces; I hope I never need anymore of a reason than that.

I wish… I wish to inspire more and more people. I feel that my artwork is something many people don’t think about doing themselves until they see it. I love getting messages from people who’ve been motivated to create their own wearable art/recycled dresses after seeing or hearing about mine.
I dream… I want to take on every request I receive, but I’m not quite skilled enough yet. One day, maybe I’ll be making dresses for Lady Gaga or Katy Perry! A girl can dream! 
I am…
Ambitious. Without ambition I wouldn’t push myself to create so many new pieces out of challenging materials.
Innovative. Show someone a pile of bottle caps and they may just see trash. I’m always looking at how to incorporate items like this into my work. It’s all about perspective!
Composed. I’m only 23 years-old, but I’ve already learned to not let negative emotions interfere with success. It’s difficult to not feel overwhelmed some days, but it’s necessary to keep a cool head and continue on. I think that’s the only reason I’m able to create new work so quickly; I just don’t think about how much I have left to do and suddenly it’s done! 
Three Things about Me:
I am from Laurinburg, NC, and am Western Carolina University alumni.
While my most common artwork deals with unconventional fashion, oil painting is my favorite medium (especially when I get to use my fingers).   

A Victorian Paper Dress (entirely paper and glue)

Dress by wall


A Paint Dress (acrylic and latex paint)


Picasso Dress (hand-painted card-stock and foam)


Toilet Paper Wedding dress (entirely from TP, glue, and tape). Photo courtesy of Charmin and Cheap Chic Weddings.


2015’s Wrapping Paper Dress


2015’s Wrapping Paper Dress

wrappingpaperdress_imgur (1)

2014’s Wrapping paper dress

You can find more of Olivia Mears’ work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.


If you would like to be featured for Monday Muse Makers, email me at or reply in the comments you are interested in being featured.  I will include links to your social media accounts and blog if you share them.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.

~ memomuse

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