surf the brave

Found a cool blog today. There are so many, I have to watch myself or I would be reading them all day. This Barb lady seems like a kindred. spirit.

be forever lovely


being brave comes from within.

or does it?

i think it comes to us in waves, and we need to muster the courage to grab our boards and

catch it!

i haven’t talked much on here about my recent journey to change.

but it’s scary.

i’m a student again, and am experiencing the unknown, becoming familiar with the rocky, queasy feeling of unease.

i am in the depths of my fear of failing.

i am trying so hard to make sure my board stays right side up.

to keep my hands paddling strong, using my strengths, instead of fighting my weaknesses.

i will succeed.


barrel into something grand.

grip tight to the current that is the essence of my fear, and stand up.

it has not been without some gnarly moments already.

rl has been my rescue guy.

ar the smart, sassy coast guard.

and of course, i always…

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