My Research Trip to the Evanston History Center

My Research Trip to the Evanston History Center

This was the view from the lawn of the Evanston History Center. I went to Evanston, Illinois in July to conduct on-site archival research at the Evanston History Center.  It was a fruitful trip and it was nice to stay with my cousin (my mom’s cousin). I have been busy working on my book and have not had much time to blog. If you are interested in seeing more photos of this beautiful house, stay tuned to my blog for The Community Kitchen, as I will be posting photos from my recent trip to that blog. I am focusing my energy on writing The Community Kitchen book. I am very excited about it.  I have been eating, sleeping, drinking, dreaming of The Community Kitchen.  This project is a historic food memoir about my great-grandmother’s and grandmother’s famous bakery and food delivery service.  The Community Kitchen brought national attention to the city of Evanston in the 1920’s. It started as a WWI food conservation kitchen and evolved into a women run business.

This is the Evanston History Center

This is the Evanston History Center

The Charles Dawes House is on the National Historic Registry.  Speaking of historic houses, my 1880 house is having issues. Our plumbing is in trouble.  We are getting it entirely replaced.  No more galvanized plumbing!


My house

My historic house is beautiful but it sure has its problems.  Oh the joy of having a historic home.  Once the plumbing is taken care of it will be a big relief. In the mean time, we are dealing with crazy water bills and renovating the inside.  We are about to tackle the Big Paint and will be painting the outside.

I am going to Washington, D.C. next week for the Kennedy Center’s National Seminar for Teaching Artists.  I am a professional teaching artist and work in schools teaching writing and photography workshops. I believe in the power of the arts!

Another view of this beautiful house.  You can go on tours of the Dawes House.

Another view of this beautiful house. You can go on tours of the Dawes House.

You can go on tours of this beautiful house.  Check out the Evanston History Center. If you become a member ($35/year), you can go on free tours and use their research room for free. If you live in the area, I highly recommend it. You can get details on their website.

Flying over Chicago

Flying over Chicago

Next week I am off to D.C. I will visit my parents at Arlington National Cemetery while I am there. I am attending the Kennedy Center’s National Seminar for Teaching Artists.  My mother’s funeral was July 1, 2013.  I had a terrible ache for my mom yesterday and I realized today that it was one year ago that I saw her for the last time. I went to Wyoming last August for my 20th high school reunion. and visited her while I was home.

At Arlington National Cemetery

At Arlington National Cemetery on the day of my mom’s funeral.

As you can see, I have my hands full. Ben is doing great and getting into potty training.  I am glad he is no longer afraid of the potty.  I am not going to be very active on my blog in the next couple of weeks because there is so much going on, but do stay tuned to my facebook page as I post photos there often through Instagram. I will post photos to my blog as well, but unfortunately I can not dedicate the time to lengthy prose pieces.  I have to focus my writing in the lonely halls of Microsoft Word. But there is work to be done! You never know with memomuse, I may surprise you and post some prose pieces. What takes so much time is watermarking my photos. I am now a stickler for watermarking photos since I had such a difficult time with my cowboy and rodeo photos getting pirated off the internet.

A couple more photos.

At the Shakespeare Gardens at Northwestern.

In my garden in North Carolina.


At Shakespeare Gardens in Evanston (Northwestern campus)