Sticky Notes or a Bridge?


This was the pink pad of  sticky notes that my son who is 3 years old, discovered. His imagination us so fun to watch as he applies it when he plays.

I was watching a TV show on Netflix and I looked up to find this. A rather awesome bridge. This is a bridge for his fire trucks. He is really into the show ” Fireman Sam” so perhaps that is where the idea for a bridge for firetrucks came from. Regardless, I love how certain he is about things. It is magical.

The kid likes to snack on pretzels. Know this as prior knowledge
He was eating a banana for breakfast Thurs. Morning. He threw it on the ground. His dad and he had a stand off about picking it up. Rich (my husband) told Ben he could not have pretzels for a week because he refused to pick up the banana. I really am not liking three year old power struggles. Anyway, Ben, very sure of himself and in complete seriousness said, “I’m going to build a giant robot and get my pretzels.” The kid cracks me up. He is so cute



Ben took the above photo. Nice angle.op


Ben photo too.



Ben’s abstract art.

Imagination and art go hand in hand. Got to upload this post from phone because Ben wants to take more photos.

PS – Day 8 free from nicotette. And no cheating with cigarettes either. Yeah.


My photo in my garden.


The photo of the paint can is a Ben original. Got to say the three year old has some skills

We are painting our bedroom. Here is a photo of the color.


One more Ben photo.


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