10 Inspiring Things. Well, Actually 12.

I started walking to calm my mind.

I have started a new habit to quit an old one. Walking instead of chewing nicorette gum. That sh*t is expensive and I chainchew it. So for each day without chewing it or worse — smoking a cigarette — I am going to go for a walk and find 10 things that I think are inspiring or beautiful. I need to shed a few pounds too so the exercise will be good for me. These photos were taken with my cell camera.


Magnolias are beautiful flowers, big and thick. Their leaves waxy. The tree tall. Southern. Totally Southern.


Clock towers at local college.  Time is precious.  Use it wisely. But it sure does go by slowly sometimes.


American flags.  I am patriotic. I couldn’t help but be growing up with a Korean War Marine veteran. My father loved his country and taught me to love it and honor it. I appreciate people who put up their American flag by sticking it in a tree. I am also a nature patriot.


Southern porches with black painted shutters and rocking chairs. Ferns are a plus. Yes, porches with ferns are inspiring.


Churches with cherry red doors and stones to contrast the color. I think this church is so pretty I may go to church here tomorrow. I love the heart stain glass above the door.


Stones with messages in gardens. I noticed this stone years ago as it says a message about a loved one in Heaven being missed. Yes, I can relate. I love garden stones.


Gardenias. I love gardenias because they are so finicky. Try picking one off the bush and its pure white dress goes straight to rebellion. It turns a yellowish ash as if saying, “You can never have me. I am free and fresh when left on the bush. Leave me be.”  The wildest of wild flowers.


Dogs on leash. This is Roger.  He loves to walk and run and jump and sniff. His excitement inspires.


Tiger lilly in my yard. They remind me of leopards.


Sunflowers in July. And when bees gather on the big beautiful landing pad, ah…joy of yellow.


The bright orange of pumpkin in my garden. Their leaves are wild and take over a garden area, but what wonder in the great big orange sphere.


The transfer of color of red to blue to black of a blackberry’s dance. Then ripe and falls into your hand with ease and onto you lips. Juicy and bursting with flavor. One of summer’s most delicious fruits. Pride of the vine.

For those of you who follow my blog, I will be posting something about my mom’s funeral, but I just am not ready.  It was beautiful though. Very beautiful.

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