Books Are Beautiful

These photos were taken at the Laramie County Public Library in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Cheyenne is my hometown.

In any library, I feel at home.

What books give you life when you find it difficult to just breathe?

What books have made you think the most?

How old were you when you got your first library card?

Where was that?

Knowledge is power. What knowledge from books gave you power?

What book introduced you to yourself?

Books are beautiful.

Here is a great podcast of Anthony Grafton giving his lecture, The Past, Present, and Future of Books at the Chicago Humanities Festival March 31, 2012.  Book nerds, it’s an hour long!

“There is no scholar whose work is more relevant to the fate of the book than Anthony Grafton. One of the greatest historians in the world today, the Princeton professor is the leading authority on the history of the book, having written the definitive accounts of its role in the shaping of the (early) modern world.”

I prefer paper books.  I am all for saving the trees.  The poor trees (don’t get me started there). But there is something amazing about the tangible texture of a book you can hold in your hands.  I prefer to read books from the library.  I love the smell of an old book.

What are your thoughts on digitized books vs. paper books?

I have to say it again: books are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Books Are Beautiful

  1. With all the blogs I’ve been finding about books/reading…I’ve brought up my passion for books again. Right now I’m reading “Eat Pray Love” and it’s really singing to my soul! Love it!


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