Confession: I Hate Dressing Up For Halloween

Fall Foliage

So I have confession to make — I just am not into Halloween (well, the dressing up part).  I never have been.  Sure, I remember my favorite costume–my mom made it for me.  It was a mouse costume, with huge stuffed mouse hips and butt, complete with a tail with a mousetrap on it.  It was precious.

Other than that — that’s all I got for Halloween memories of dressing up.  What I did enjoy was going to haunted houses as a kid.

I do remember going to the rich neighborhood as a kid because they had houses that gave out regular size candy bars!

It is fun getting allllllllllllllllllllll that candy.  It is a holiday for kids.  OK — now that I am writing about it, I am sort of getting into it.  Reminiscent of popcorn balls (if someone gave my kid one of those–it would go right in the trash).  I remember having to go through my candy as a kid in the 80’s and look for candy with razor blades in them because of it happening and being warned either at school to check my candy or from the news.  I am now the adult who wants to give kids pencils and apples.  Practical and healthy.  But I probably will opt for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M & Ms (my favorite candy).  I’d give Snow Caps if they came in mini boxes.  Those are my favorite movie candy.

I have already devoured the Kit-Kats I bought (and the Starbursts).  I have vowed to lose 20 pounds.  But most likely I will gain 20 pounds with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the bend.

“Trick or Treat”

Here is a kale bouquet!

ha ha

Anyway, Happy Halloween. We still have to get our pumpkins to carve and costumes.  I don’t dress up to give out candy, nor do I decorate my house.  I usually go to another neighborhood — in search of the big candy bars! ha ha

Be safe. No popcorn balls unfortunately   Gone are the days of knowing and trusting your neighbors.  We live in a different time now.  I do remember how much fun it was to go off alone with my friends trick-or-treating as a kid.  I think I will escort Ben until he goes to college.  Just kidding.

Ben did not like this costume. This is a photo from his 1st Halloween. We opted for a striped onesie with a lion hat instead.

Maybe sophomore year in high school I will just follow him around in a car.

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2 thoughts on “Confession: I Hate Dressing Up For Halloween

    • Thanks for commenting Weekend Cowgirl. I appreciate people’s creativity when it comes to their costumes. I guess I am more into the foliage and eating the bounty of candy. I still need to get a costime for my 2 year old.


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