Rock Star

Hello! My name is Megan Oteri. Also known as memomuse. I am a writer, poet, and photographer. I love taking photos of cowboys and rodeo. I am a rodeo enthusiast. I moved to Wyoming when I was 15 from Chicago. I currently live in North Carolina, but Wyoming has my heart. I love the texture of the people, landscape, and animals. It is so easy to take beautiful photos of such beautiful subjects. I love Wyoming’s wide open spaces and endless sky. There is no other place like it on Earth.

I am also a creative nonfiction writer and I write whatever the muse tells me to. Photography allows me to cheat a little and capture an essay in a snap.

Please vote for my photo of Kenny Chesney is concert.  You can vote through your Twitter and/or Facebook account.  I appreciate your support and votes.

If you like this photo, you can view more of my photos at the same link.  Just click on my photo and it will take you to my bio and portfolio.  Enjoy.

What makes you feel like a rock star?

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