Make Some Wishes

If this was a magic bench, who would you want to sit with?  I would choose my father.  He passed away in 2003.  I really miss him and I can’t believe it has almost been 10 years since he died.  When he was dying (from cancer), he told my best friend, Heidi, “Make sure Megan writes. She is a writer.  It’s in her blood.”

Sunset in the Sky © Megan Oteri ~ All Rights Reserved
If you could fly anywhere, where would you go?

Where would you fly if you could go anywhere in the world?  I would fly to Denver, then I would look forward to the two-hour drive to Cheyenne.  I love crossing the Wyoming/Colorado state line.  Before you get to the Wyoming state line (via I-25 North), you see a wood silhouette of a buffalo in the distance up on a vista.  I love that buffalo.  Then you pass the Terry Bison Ranch.  This is one of my favorite places in southeast Wyoming.  And you can get the best bison steak around at Terry Bison Ranch. So delicious.

3 Blackbirds © Megan Oteri ~ All Rights Reserved
Make three wishes! One for each bird.

Make three wishes.

Have a good day!

I hope all your wishes come true.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be. © memomuse