Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Photo © All Rights Reserved “Mama and Me”

There is nothing as special as a mother’s love.  Embrace this day, if you mother is alive or an angel, I hope you have a wonderful day.

“New mothers enter the world of parenting feeling much like Alice in Wonderland.
– Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and also one of the most challenging.
– Motherhood is a process. Learn to love the process.
– There is a tremendous amount of learning that takes place in the first year of your baby’s life; the baby learns a lot, too.
– It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the fantasy of what you thought motherhood would be like, and what you thought you would be like as a mother, with reality.
– Take care of yourself. If Mommy isn’t happy, no one else in the family is happy either.
– New mothers generally need to lower their expectations.
– A good mother learns to love her child as he is and adjusts her mothering to suit her child.”
― Debra Gilbert Rosenberg

I leave you with a beautiful bouquet of roses, because everyone deserves roses.

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Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.  ~ memomuse