“Brain Tumors on Talenthouse.com – please vote for my photo

I wrote this blog post, “Love, Loss, and the Lessons of Letting Go” in June of 2011. I had just gone out to Wyoming to visit my mom in the nursing home. I had received a call earlier that week that my mom took a turn for the worse. I thought I was going to have to say goodbye. In fact, that is why I got on a plane two days after getting the call from the nursing home. They calIed Thursday night; I was on a plane Saturday morning.  

I still haven’t been able to write about what an emotional journey it was. I have a master’s degree in creative writing (recently graduated in December 2011) and for me to really write, it is a process.  I get to the bone of the story and emotion.  Some might say I get to the marrow in the bone.  But for some reason, I just have not been able to go there.  So, I made art out of photos, my other medium for self-expression.

If you want to catch up with the whole dramatic story, see the archives for May of 2011 on the sidebar of my blog.  There are several posts from that time and I have been reblogging them and posting them up front on my blog so you can get the story if you are a new visitor to the blog.

I currently am twittering about this story. Follow me @memomuse1. The twitter link is on the right side of blog.
I also need to write a fresh blog post about my photo of my mom on Talenthouse.com. It is a platform building site for artists. My current creative invite is a photo of my mother in the hospital when we thought she was going to die. The photo is called “Brain Tumors.” Here is the link to vote: http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a0f9dff66f714fed1a26d107a29d7516/474. Please consider voting. You will have to vote through your facebook or twitter account (or both). Every vote helps. All Rights Reserved (Do not copy please)

Thank you for your support and following this story. My mother was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2000. They said she would only live three to five years. It is 2012; she has beat the odds. She is a strong woman who I am so lucky to call my mom.  Read “The Red Rose of St. Therese” to read about her close call with death.  I really believe this story illustrates the power of prayer and faith. 

I am going to leave you with some photo of my beautiful mom.  Thank you for following this story and visiting my blog.  And please vote on Talenthouse.  Here is the link again: Vote for Betty.  I told my mom today about the photo and the contest and she said to tell everyone, “Keep the votes coming.”


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