Super Powers

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This is a slide show of my fourteen month old son in his Superman shirt and cape. 

What super power would you want?  I think I would want anti-writer’s block venom.  I know I have several books buried deep in me.  I just don’t feel like mining right now.  I have not written in awhile.  I have journaled, but I have not really written.  I have my hands in so many other creative projects right now that I am just not feeling it.  So, if I could wave my super power wand, I would wave away writer’s block.

The essays and ideas I want to write about just keep getting thrown in the “sock” basket and soon enough, there are no socks to wear and too many socks to sort.  So I have been running around barefoot this hot month of July. 

Soon enough I will need those socks and I will have to sort through them find some salvaged sock pairs.  Or just grab any ole’ two and make it a mismatched muse.

So, please leave a comment on what would be your super power or what super hero or heroine would you want to be.

Super Heroine Memomuse

4 thoughts on “Super Powers

  1. Sweet pix!

    I’d develop such a Teflon skin that NO rejection or crappy/rude/stupid review would annoy me or get to me.

    I’ve published two NF books. The only thing worse than thinking “I need to write a book” is watching it, and you, being trashed by morons after you have sold and written it. Like the one at who called me (not my new book!) “Bitter, pretentious and lazy, lazy, lazy.”

    I mean, seriously? Better you should not publish than face such banality, no?


    • Teflkan skin – good for you. I have tender poet skin, so I dread the rejection that goes with writing, but all the greats have told us the magic secret to writing: persistence.


  2. I would have the super power of time travel. Then when I want to write about the civil war, I can pop right in take it all in. I would go back in time and meet all the great writers, like Jane Austen and Thomas Paine and jump back to my computer and create a story.


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