My Mom Update – Light and Shadow

This photo above is from my wedding.  There is my handsome husband who makes me feel beautiful.

My mom is still alive.  Thank Goddess Moon and stars and Heaven above.

Light: She is alive.  I am able to hear her voice and tell her I love her.  She is lucid.  I think the urinary tract infection really tore her up.  My sister and I both swear up and down, she would’ve died had we not made the decision to send her to the emergency room the night I flew into town.  I am glad she is better now and has her faculties stable.

Shadow: I really put a lot of energy into thinking I had to say goodbye to her (forever).  My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean, several times.  It was draining.

More light:  My mother is alive.

Shadow:  Death is so permanent.  I learned that when my dad died in 2003.

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Light:  My mother was able to talk to me on the phone the other day and give me support for wanting to wean and stop breastfeeding.  I want my body back.  (What’s left of it, ha ha. :))

I love my mom.  Mothers always have the best intent with their babies, always, sometimes not always always, but basically, always.  They want to comfort their babies.

I am glad I can talk to her on the phone and hear her voice.

There is no other voice in the world that can cause such comfort and disturbance as a mother.  Mothers.

Share a memory of your mother.  Or describe her voice and how it makes you feel in the comments section. (Please ~ if you like to leave comments.  I understand and accept delightfully some of you just stop and browse.  But I am grateful to my commenters.)

I am grateful each time I can hear my mother’s voice.  Grateful God gave her another day to live and breathe.

5 thoughts on “My Mom Update – Light and Shadow

  1. Oh Megan, I have to stop reading your blog at work….it always makes me teary 🙂 My mom’s voice can calm any storm.


  2. i am the “strong one” in my relationship with my mother. (that probably doesn’t surprise you haha). but i still bounce all my thoughts off of her and her deep love for my children brings the world back into perspective for me on a weekly basis.


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