Cowboys and Indians

I have another website/blog dedicated to all things rodeo and cowboys and country music.  Since I hail from Wyoming, it’s got to find an outlet – how I miss her so.  Wyoming is a strange place, most places in Wyoming are thousands of feet above sea level. Here in the Piedmont of Eastern North Carolina, I am at less than 300 feet above sea level.

I will be spending a lot of time on my blog.  Updating and posting old rodeo shots.

I got a few tricks up my sleeve with some fun ideas for country music articles, planted in the memomuse garden.  I will definitely get back to you on that.

Here are some photos from Cheyenne Frontier Days.  Some are taken with an old school 35 mm Pentax camera.  It is broken now and I miss it.  I changed over to digital for economical reasons and I can’t find a place to fix my camera.  Please tell me if you know where I can do this.  I’ve lost hope. The old lassy won’t even turn on. I’ve got my digital camera.  A Kodak something or another. Nothing fancy.  Does what I need it to.

Photo by Megan Oteri copyright 2011

“Presence” ~ Tim McGraw at Cheyenne Frontier Days. He is a handsome man and he wears tight ass jeans.

I am big into black and white these days.  I think they give a moment shock and awe. I’m getting excited for Frontier Days, the Daddy of em’ All, they call it. It sure is a hell of a good time.  I’m not lying.  Just ask anyone who’s gone.  They’ll tell ya.

So, for the month of July, most likely, I will be distracting myself with rodeo rodeo rodeo and cowboys cowgirls livestock blue open skies.

This photo is taken on Happy Jack Road.  It is a country back road from Cheyenne (state capitol and home of Cheyenne Frontier Days) to Laramie (home of University of Wyoming).  It takes about 45 minutes to get from Cheyenne to Laramie.  That is considered a short ride in Wyoming.

These cows were ready to get their photo taken.  Even though it is black and white, imagine the most crisp, blue as bells, puffy white clouded sky up above ya.  Then the tan earth below.  Maybe a fence post in-between.  And a cowboy is never far away.

I was going to leave you with the law of threes, but I will insert a fourth photo: a cowboy.

So, enjoy.  I am a big fan of July.  I usually get sad around July 4 because it means the summer is half over.  Late nights, cold beers, bbqs with good buddies, hot summer heat, swimming holes, and rodeo.  And did I mention, no school.

Vacations, trips, echoes to be heard.

I would get sad because the 4th of July signalled half my summer break is over and then less than a month and half to go, I would be back to public school teaching. No more of that. And thank goodness, for now.  I am a stay at home writer, trying to get published, has to take one more class and write her thesis on motherhood to get her master’s, mama.  So, as I steal minutes from the night, while the baby and husband sleep,  I share with you another passion of memomuse: rodeo photography.  I’m pretty darn good at it, but it’s all the subject. Cowboys are so damn easy on the eyes and the camera.  Ain’t that a fact.


6 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. @ Sonia
    Thank you cowgirl. Where do you live now? I am a Wyoming girl to the very end, just don’t live there right now.


  2. This is the Honest Mommy, from said blog. Just wanted to share, before I get interrupted, how much I long to have more time to read, journal, work on photography, and so on. Before becoming a mother (and SAHM) I guess I never realized how little time would be left for me.


  3. I enjoy your writings & your sense of humor, you make me giggle..yeah cowboy butts lol. I appreciate your eye for certain pictures..the thing inside you that makes you stop and say i have to take a picture of that moves me as well..actually you came to mind as i saw my first school bus for the year..sigh..Im still trying to get as many trail rides in as i can. I love your pictures too..thank you for sharing.i cant wait to someday see pics of your little one sporting cowboy boots, jeans and a cowboy black and white of course. (smile)have a good day..just wanted to say good morning and oh my Lord is it really sept 4th all ready???


    • Thank you for so much for the kind words of appreciation. I’m glad I make you giggle. Giggling is good. And oh yes, the little man will have himself some Wranglers. He has cowboy spirit that is for sure!


    • Thanks Carolyne,
      I have had a lot of my cowboy photos stolen and put up on other people’s websites as their own. You have no idea and don’t want to know — but I am taking down all the cowboy photos. So sorry. I am getting a book together soon, so keep in touch. I hope you get this message too. I love your comments


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