Light and Shadow Chapter 3

I took this photo the night I thought I was going to lose her (Sunday evening)

Drive By II

Here is the update:

I went to the nursing home on Sunday..  It took me a while to drive from Denver International Airport and I got to my hotel in Loveland around 3 pm.  I had to pump as I am still breastfeeding.  I freshened up and wanted to postpone the inevitable — seeing my mom so sick.  I snapped a bunch of photos out the car window as I drove up Interstate 25.  The crisp blue mountain sky, so clear at this elevation — 5,000 feet plus above sea level.  The white puffy clouds strewn across the giant sky like laundry across the floor of  a teenager’s bedroom.  The cottony white snow, topping the mountains glistened with the afternoon sun.  The light was brilliant. 

Drive By Blue Sky photo by memomuse

Well, I made my way to the hotel and stopped to get a bottle of wine at the liquor store.  The clerk was friendly and I bought a bottle of “Double Dog Dare.”  I have not had any of that wine yet.  But I am looking forward to a glass tonight so I can relax at the hotel.

I still haven’t had my glass of wine.  My mom went to the hospital on Sunday night.  She is much better. She was treated for a urinary tract infection.  Also treated with IV fluids for dehydration.  I am exhausted.  I did not go to sleep until 3 am on Sunday.  I am just so tired.  But I wanted to post something.  I will give all the details and give a full report tomorrow. This little writer needs to go to bed early tonight.  As of right now – Mom is doing really good, actually.  She told me today in the hospital, “I’m so happy to have my family around.  It gives me strength.”