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All photos by Megan Oteri copyright 2011

Things that inspire me: pink carnation looking trees, old houses delicately trimmed with multiple hues and color palettes, Dogwood blossoms white crisp with truth, details, statues that beckon, buildings with straight lines, faith, beauty, blue sky backdrops, blue glass vases filled with wishes, black and white photos that call out to you, squiggly lines, wires, reflections, crystal balls, angles, bright red buttons of color bursting against nature’s backdrop, best friends on benches talking as comfortable as silk, Mother Nature found in sidewalk strolls with my son, Mary’s grace, baby glee, triangles, red doors, brick walls that break up negative thoughts, gates that lead somewhere, a new way of looking at things. 

What inspires you?  Comment in the comment section.

Thank you, I’m lucky.  Thank you, I’m alive.  Thank you, I’m loved.  Thank you, I’m thankful.

What are you thankful for?  Comment…or just think about it.


I wish…everyone was safe

I dream…to be a published author

I hope…that those affected by the devastating events in the last several months will heal

I be…lieve in goodness

Now, your turn! Fill in the blank on the comments section.

I wish…

I dream…

I hope…

I be…


7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. People inspire me, too. Or bits and pieces of television shows. I have one entire book I wrote inspired by a Letter to the Editor. The countryside around me – I live in the middle of many ranches. A cool spring day. A motorcycle.


    • Desiree,
      I love the countryside and I wish I lived in the middle of some ranches. I find the wide open spaces of Wyoming my greatest muse. I miss that a lot about the West. I moved to North Carolina from Wyoming. The landscape has gone from wide open and horizontal to cluttered vertically with trees. I love seeing the sky as a sea of clouds, different colors and textures in every direction. The long open road on a motorcycle…now that’s pretty freeing. Keep exploring and I would love to see some bits of this book you talk of…
      Will you be posting snipets of it on your blog anytime soon??
      Journal Your Journey
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Come back now ya hear! 🙂


    • Where do you live Desiree? I would love to learn more about these ranches you live near. I grew up in Wyoming and miss my wide open spaces and big skies.


  2. All these everyday miracles inspire me too. Beautiful, calming, and well done Meg. Keep up the walks with Ben and camera. You are going places! Oh, and don’t forget to take Abi along and keep her inspired too 🙂


    • Debra,
      Abi inspires me as much as I inspire her. Youth is such a great palette of the many textures and colors of inspiration. I enjoy her maturity and the way she looks at the world. It makes me feel like I may be a hip mountain mama still, since she finds me so amusing. I am looking forward to our next art date! And of course, you, Miss Pure and Simple, are pure and simple a magic muse!


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