Magnolia Muse

Magnolia Muse I

This is a series of photos taken on the campus at East Carolina University.  I go to graduate school once a week.  I look forward to this night of class as I get to be baby free.  I also get to be writer and artist.  Not that I can’t be those things with Benjamin.  But my main thing it seems lately is MOM.  But being hands-free and baby free makes it a lot easier to take photos and enjoy the muse as she whispers to me, “Come here, come over here.  Look at this pretty little thing.”
The muse that day (March 2 – last Wednesday) was the magnolia trees and their blossoms.  Spring is right around the corner.  And the way the afternoon light was hitting the flowers on the trees was brilliant.  I do not think I quite captured the light.  It was so pretty.  So this is my series called, “Magnolia Muse.”  I hope it adds some spring to your day, if you are in the cold weather states.

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Magnolia Muse III

Magnolia Muse V

Magnolia Muse VI


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