This short-short, as it is called, is being published by Old Mountain Press in an anthology called, Words:  A Poetry and Prose Anthology  —  http://www.oldmp.com/anthology/words.htm.


I believe in words. Ever since I was young. sitting on a bus feeling lonely, I have needed to share the words that gave shape and texture to my thoughts. I often call myself the Over-sharer.  I email friends deep thoughts and feelings. Asking them philosophical questions, like if they worry about what kind of world their children will live in.  I rarely get a response.  I asked them, “Why doesn’t anyone reply to my emails?” Amy said, “You’re too deep. Keep it light.”

I guess that doesn’t work for me. Keeping it light for me is like light beer to someone who has always drank Guinness. I guess the taste wouldn’t make me feel full.

I feel full with words. They fill a vacuum and void. Words were always there for me. No matter what the fight, what the crisis, what the high or low was. I always had words. Words always had me. 

I had words when I exchanged my vows.  I had words when my child was born.  I had words when my mother was diagnosed with brain tumors.  I had words when my father died and the only way I could escape the gasping pain was through writing.

I believe in words and I believe in sharing. I just can’t keep it light, because light doesn’t do. Heavy are the words in my brain and sometimes they are light like raindrops, but they fall in mass storms. So I do share. And I do write. And thus I over-share.

Writing is a part of my life. I do call myself a writer. And I over-share. I am proud to be the words that people read.

One thought on “Over-Sharer

  1. I guess a great deal of the writer’s life is like sending a message in a bottle. Anybody out there?

    I had a husband who asked me once if I couldn’t just live on the surface, like everyone else. I’ve thought long and hard about that question and my answer is, “No! I am a pearl diver, and I want things of worth that require depth and exploration.” Sounds as if you are having that same conversation in your life.


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