The Krispie Kreme Ukulele Player

Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2011.  I met Josh at Krispie Kreme in Greenville, NC; he is a ukulele player.

Name: Josh

Goal:  “Sell a rubber band on EBay.  Someone bought the meaning of life for $3.66.”

1.  Age:  “In my 20’s” (East Carolina University alumni)
2.  Hope:  “To see all my friends someday.”
3.  Dream:  “Leave the world a better place than I found it.”
4.  Fear:  “I get nervous around ceiling fans.  Bees.”
5.  Love:  “God”

Mini Muse Interview Background Info.

I am starting a new project called the Mini Muse Interviews.  I ask strangers five questions.  Well, actually I give them five words for them to free associate or give complete answers.  It’s up to the stranger and their muse.  This project launched publically on January 18, 2011 with “Josh, the Ukulele Player.” 

 The five mini muse interview question words are:  age, hope, dream, fear, love.  I also ask them to state a goal or free associate with that word.  But only if I feel like it.  So really, there are always the same five words – age, hope, dream, fear, love.  If you would like to participate, email me: We’ll work something out.  You can email me your answers and a picture or snail mail me a picture to Mini Muse Interviews – PO Box 3222 – Wilson, NC 27893.

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One thought on “The Krispie Kreme Ukulele Player

  1. For Josh:
    Re: ebay rubberband
    Not too long ago, news media video featured a true story re a young man who wanted a house so bad but had no money to make his dream come true.
    On a whim he decided to start with selling a paper clip (I think it was on ebay) (I could be mistaken but I think it was a red paper clip ). No matter. This story takes the viewer thru a series of barter/trades, step by step that led him to the eventual miraculous dream come true: owning his own home.
    Amazing, to witness the powerful momentum of the universe providing one’s dream and how it all started with a paper clip! I don’t recall the length of time for him to arrive at that doorstep of his first home ownership but I’d like to think that his journey was just as memorable, meeting the right person(s) at the right time, all leading to his dream of owning his own home.
    I’m recalling now, Megan, your wonderfully written blog “Bird by Bird”. And so it is!!!!

    Am finally getting caught up on your memomuse but still missing you … are my inspiration…did you know that?
    Not giving up on visiting!

    B r e a t h e……..

    annie g.


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