New Steps for a New Year

Photo by Megan Oteri 2010

A new year is like a fresh snowfall.  It covers our past and provides a clean, new canvas upon which to paint our hopes and dreams.  We forge ahead into the snow with brightly colored paintbrushes, freshly dipped in mixed hues from our dazzling palette of dreams.  Snow leaves us deep tracks to step our footprints into, as does the new year.  I dip my brush in a brightly mixed dream fold of 2011 and brush stroke my first steps of the new year. 

May 2011 bring you a fresh palette of bright colors and deep hues to create your own canvas of beauty.

2 thoughts on “New Steps for a New Year

  1. Can’t think of a more elequent journal entry into the new year, Meg. May your 2011 be graced with many awesome rainbows where within you may find smiles, flowers of many colors, sunshine and why not create a nightfall rainbow of stars 🙂

    Live Love Laugh
    p e a c e……


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