Tea Bag

I am steeping like a tea bag and all I can post right now are photos. So much is going on that I am steeping like a tea bag.  I hope the muse comes back, just too busy right now and stressed to really sit down and write.

The only time I really have to write is for grad school right now and that is forced.  So, I will try to pry open the muse box with photos.

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About memomuse

I am an arts educator, writer, poet, photographer, and mama. United Arts Council Artist in the Schools and Writer-in-Residence -- I am available to conduct workshops and residencies: Memoir, Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word, Poetry Slams. Contact me for more information. Also available for freelance writing and photography. I am also working on a historic food memoir: http://evanstoncommmunitykitchen.wordpress.com

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