Mobile of Mother Muse

Photo title: "Mother Son Fusion"

“Mobile of Mother Muse”

My mind stills,

as it should

and placing him in his crib

so I can go write, is not a necessity or a want

these moments pass, they say

so quickly

leaping over minutes,

into months

into years

I do not believe this moment can be blocked

like a cube

it is so liquid,

melting and curling around my heart

as he presses his left cheek to

my heart,


Baby nestled in my bosom, like a baby bird in a nest

cheek against skin

My cleavage, a pillow of feminine fusion to my child

tracing the curve of his hairline, as he sleeps

Me anxious to go write

go into office detail

but as the mobile

dances in circles in his crib so far away

and plays classical lullabies

we sit fused

in the glider

glistening in mother/son



my heart ache for him

dancing like a mobile of mother muse


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