TMI Brain (Too Much Information)

One of my favorite pictures from vacation

I have been thinking about what my next post will be on my memomuse blog.  Since the last post was such a showstopper (can you hear my ego applauding itself?), it is hard to top that.  And that is how my brain works – I am complicated up there in the head department.  And add baby brain to it and its a mess up there.  It’s like I have all these files that need to be sorted and there are all these file cabinets and file folders, some plain manilla and others color coded and some with those fancy prints on them and then there are the little mini file folders too.  So, with all those organization systems right there on the floor of my brain so to speak, I am at a loss at what to pick and what to choose as my organization base.  But there needs to be some organizing. 

I am trying to find time in my mind to write and start or rather launch my journal and journal accessory business called “memomuse.”  I have written a book proposal for my journals and it went all the way to to the top but did not get bought.  So I am going to self publish.  I have an agent now who is a friend of mine from my graduate writing program.  She is working with me and helping me get my ideas organized and fired up.  Here’s a good analogy: I (my ideas for memomuse company) am a fine piece of clay sculpted by a great artist, but I have not put on the acrylic paint coat which I need to put on before I get fired in the hot burning thing potters use.  Baby brain is blocking me from accessing the name of the hot burning thing potters use! 

I have been told the babbling works on this blog so I will stick with it because it is just a lot easier than looking up the word.  Now we have differentiated here on this blog that this is not proper writing for publication because as my friend and writer, Debra El Ramey (go ahead and google her and you will see how famous a writer friend I have – she was published in Sojourner magazine, among many other publications) says, “All writing can be tightened and edited.”  So let that be clear that this blogging here is not what I would send to an editor or to be published in a magazine or book.  But it is off the cuff and straight at ya! 

I feel I have so much to organize and get out there as an artist and writer that I get overwhelmed at how I am going to do it.  See, I am a cart before the horse kind of person.  Ask anyone I know.  Even strangers might get that sense!  I am whole to part.  This makes me an awesome idea person and a horrible finisher.  I do finish things, don’t get me wrong, but most of my brilliant ideas just hang in space and float around.  So I am really trying to work on this messy file cabinet file folder situation I have because I think if I can get organized with my materials and information and time, I am going to hit it big time and I mean big time.  I really feel I am on the verge on making it as a writer.  I just have to work on the side of the brain that is logic based.  The left side I am pretty sure.  The right side of my brain is over developed actually.  It would be a block of cement if you could imagine it on a seesaw.  The left side of my brain would be stuck up in the air like a fat kid and skinny kid on the seesaw!  And I mean a huge ass fat kid. 

Well, the baby is waking up and that is what is the boss so have to end this blog post that really sucks in my opinion, but heck, what the heck, I’ll post it.  I am trying very hard not to cuss because I don’t want my boy repeating all the cuss words I say and there are quite a few.  Well, I only managed to say (write) one cuss word – so that’s pretty darn good.

Babbling out (signing out) 

Funny Boy


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