Mama Wolf

I was just thinking about such a great blog subject to write about – when given a chunk of mama alone time (when baby is napping), what should I do? And what always seems to come first to my mind is clean up, pick up, do some needed chores, but what is howling at the back of my mind, moving like a pack of wolves to the front of the mind, swishing and swaying in huge nomadic swerves through the middle of my mind, is to WRITE!

I hear myself say in loud wolf howls, Please don’t wake up yet.  I am ready to write. My mind is fresh, clean, and has a steady thought.  I have 6 hours of consecutive sleep – oh how my mind works well under these great circumstances.

Then the second wolf of the pack howls –  Even though you are awake oh beautiful little one, please don’t cry. Don’t need me at this particular moment. The squeaks begin and then the squaks and then the baby howls.  He needs me and I must stop my hunt to write and comfort my baby boy.

The writing stops. My thoughts stop and dare not dangle in the comfort of a keypad that beckons my stroke.  My hands stop their typing and I pick my baby boy up (after waiting a couple of minutes to see if the squeaking can remain a squeak).  Then it is apparent I have to be a mama wolf and offer my bosom, my heart, my hand, myself.

I can always come back to the hunt – there are always fresh words in the woods to hunt…but sometimes the moment is in the hunt!

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About memomuse

I am an arts educator, writer, poet, photographer, and mama. United Arts Council Artist in the Schools and Writer-in-Residence -- I am available to conduct workshops and residencies: Memoir, Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word, Poetry Slams. Contact me for more information. Also available for freelance writing and photography. I am also working on a historic food memoir:

3 thoughts on “Mama Wolf

  1. This is by far your best yet! What a lovely entry. It moved me and even though I am not a mama wolf, I too hear the wind call my name and the wolf becon me, but instead of baby, it’s work that gets in my way and screams at me eight hours a day. But we are writers and we always go back to the words and thoughts.


    • you will be a mama someday and what a great mama you’ll be! thanks for the kind compliments! means a lot coming from you.


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