Alone time will never be the same

I have come to the conclusion that wherever I go baby B goes.  He does not like to be by himself.  I am flattered he wants to be near me all the time.  But it does take some getting used to.  I used my sling wrap today.  I am going to get some pointers on the different ways to use it tonight at my mommy meet up group (breast-feeding support group).

I put baby B in the bouncy chair and brought it into the bathroom where I took my shower which I am finding is difficult to get done when I am alone with baby B at home.  Getting breakfast cooked and ready is also difficult. I am hoping the sling will help with that.  I have been going out to lunch with my husband mostly the last month so that solves that problem.

Anyway, my total focus is Baby B and I have given in to that.  I thought I could get other stuff done and multi-task, but the multi-tasking is really about doing normal stuff like showering and getting dressed and feeding myself all the while taking care of Baby B.

When he goes down for a nap –  I have some freedom. Like now, he has been fed and is kicking and stretching in his basinette.  He is very content and I am going to sneak away to make a turkey sandwich.

He is growing so much and has put on lots of weight. We are going to the doctor today to check out a bit of congestion he has.   We should find out how much he weighs and how much he has grown.

I want to pick him up when he cries.  I hear tons of people say, “Let him cry or you’ll never get anything done.”  Well, I have waited a long time to hold my beautiful boy so I can’t help but want to pick him up and console him.  But I do see their point! 🙂

That’s all for today.  Have a great day!  Thanks for coming to visit the memomuse cafe!

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I am an arts educator, writer, poet, photographer, and mama. United Arts Council Artist in the Schools and Writer-in-Residence -- I am available to conduct workshops and residencies: Memoir, Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word, Poetry Slams. Contact me for more information. Also available for freelance writing and photography. I am also working on a historic food memoir:

One thought on “Alone time will never be the same

  1. Such a sweet mother you are! I had the same profile with my Snugglie for a long time, that I had had as a pregnant mommy. Babies and mommies like to be close! Listen to your heart. You will not go wrong.


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