Naps and Cuddles

I have been trying to take naps when the baby naps.  I have also started doing night feedings in bed and letting the baby sleep in the bed with us.  I usually put him in the basinette around 10 PM if he goes down to sleep.  We are finding this to be his fussy time where he’ll cry even though he’s been changed and fed.  Sometimes my husband can get him to fall asleep with his singing.  Sometimes it takes some time in the rocking chair. Sometimes it takes mommy.

We have been trying to keep him up during the day more so he will sleep more at night.  So when baby wakes up for a feeding at midnight or give or take an hour, I let him fall asleep in bed with us.  I am breastfeeding so this is so much easier than getting him burped and back in the basinette. And like I said earlier, I love having my baby near me.

Then the 3 AM feeding comes and it is so much easier to just adjust to where I need to be to feed him and voila, we both fall asleep.

So I have been trying to take naps during the day.  I think I can easily go down for a nap around 2 in the afternoon.  Today I slept from 2 – 5 PM with the baby.  And we slept side by side in cuddle heaven.

I have been trying to give up on getting stuff done and feeling like I should be accomplishing anything else other than loving my baby boy.  So we eat, nap, and love each other.  I don’t have to write essays or chapters to my book – I just need to go with the flow and the flow is focusing on the baby boy I adore and spending time with my family.

And taking naps!

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I am an arts educator, writer, poet, photographer, and mama. United Arts Council Artist in the Schools and Writer-in-Residence -- I am available to conduct workshops and residencies: Memoir, Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word, Poetry Slams. Contact me for more information. Also available for freelance writing and photography. I am also working on a historic food memoir:

One thought on “Naps and Cuddles

  1. Sounds like you are engaging deeply with your body and baby. I found in my nursing experience, and in watching other mothers, not just human, that the mind follows the torpor and pleasure of nursing, allowing one to surrender more life energy and attention to the infant’s or infants’ needs.

    Abandon all “shoulds” and “musts” that are external concepts and luxuriate in the experience. It is deeply satisfying and rewarding. I feel certain that it is a hormonally induced state that aids one to slow down and abandon all other desires that are in conflict with this life giving nurturing activity.

    Follow your body’s wisdom.


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