Meg’s Mommy Soup

Moses Basket

Well, I have two subscribers to my blog – enough to keep this writer going!  I am sitting here on the couch with my crimson, oh so soft blanket.  Ben is asleep in his “Moses basket” my friend Debi got me.  It was filled with all kinds of baby goodies for my baby shower. It was one of my favorite gifts as Debi is one of my favorite people and a glorious writer friend.

I have had a good night’s sleep because I pumped some breast milk before I went out and let my husband do two feedings.  I went out with Debi for some Mexican food at the only decent restaurant, in my opinion, in this town (sorry but I don’t like buffets or Eastern North Carolina vinegar  based barbeque – gag me and there only seems to be buffets and BBQ here).

I had two delicious frozen margaritas (the best slurpy ever)!!  That was my first alcoholic drink in 10 months!  Yummy – they were good.  I had a little buzz, well, maybe a medium buzz:) and on the directions from the lactation consultant from the hospital, I “pumped and dumped” when I got home.  That means I pumped my breast milk into bottles and threw it away (for all the men who don’t know what it means and maybe some women – I surely had no idea what a breast pump looked like and how it worked before I had a kid).

I actually got a good night’s rest last night. I woke up at 6:30 and fed the baby as my husband said, “I am out of breast milk and he needs the nipple!”  I fed the baby at 5:30 pm before I went out for dinner at 6:30 PM.  My husband fed the baby with bottles of pumped breast milk
at 8:30 PM and then again at midnight. He couldn’t get the baby down again until 2:30 AM because the baby was fussy, but I slept like a baby!   He used the “Breast flow” bottle.  This is a wide based nipple that is supposed to mimic as closely as possible a real nipple.  I have been stressing about using a bottle because I have read and heard a baby can get nipple confusion.  Plus there is some crazy guilt thing that goes with breastfeeding or not breastfeeding.  I felt so guilty because I gave in to letting someone else do the feedings.  Frankly, I needed a break and so did my boobs!  Plus I was getting a little crazy myself from the lack of sleep.  People need their REM darn it!!!

My boy has a good latch and doesn’t seem to have nipple confusion so I am making an executive decision to take off from some feedings and his daddy do some of the feedings.  Rich (my husband) was holding Ben on his chest doing skin to skin contact and baby Ben tried to latch onto Rich’s nipple.  Funny! Ben soon found out there was no milk in that nipple. So I guess my baby does have nipple confusion.:)

I just can’t keep up the pace with feedings every three hours and the lack of sleep that goes with night feedings.  I am not going to have the baby sleep in the bed either. Some breast feedings mothers have suggested this.  I get lazy and super tired and sometimes fall asleep with the baby in bed, but a lot of breast-feeding moms do co-sleeping where the baby sleeps in bed. I am just not there yet and still think I may roll over and even worse, toss and turn and throw a pillow or blanket over the baby and it will suffocate my boy.  I am a first time mom and all these fears are so real!  Yes – I sometimes think I can actually break the baby! Although I know on paper this is no true.

I mean look at this little angel – I just love him so!

Winking Man

Right now he is in my left arm and I am typing with my right index finger.  He’ll be asleep shortly and I can put him back in the Moses Basket and resume normal typing.  I am addicted to holding him!

Now he is breastfeeding – he was still hungry. Now he is falling asleep on my shoulder – this is my favorite. He is like a little snug bug on my shoulder, like we are both puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

My next post will be on how I almost gave up on breastfeeding.  I have one message for Boppy – Bop off!  I am in a relationship with “My Breast Friend.”  More to come on this topic this weekend.

I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures from his newborn photo shoot. He is 9 days old in these photos. I would upload more recent pictures, as he is one month old now, but I have issues with technology and I have over 150 pictures on a disk that is easy to use and upload to the blog.  So you will be seeing a lot of Ben’s newborn photos.  My friend, Sara took the photos.  She is incredibly reasonable for a photo shoot ($90) and you get to keep the rights to the photos to use as you want.  Here is her website.

Gift of Light and Love


Teddy and Me

Soul Love

Shoulder Snug Bug Puzzle Piece

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3 thoughts on “Meg’s Mommy Soup

  1. oh, snug bug. he is so precious. some of my favorite pics i’ve ever taken! you’re doing such a great job… keep it up! and thank your lucky stars for rich, he’s the BOMB! 🙂


  2. Hey Megan
    You’re doing a great job and Ben will start to sleep for longer periods soon. Don’t give up on breast feeding. Making bottles of formula is such a chore. I think its fine if you express and Rich feeds him occasionally. Gives you some rest time and Rich an opportunity to bond. The most important reason for breast over bottle is the antibodies and nutrients in breast milk. Ben is still getting these. Co-sleeping seems to be the new trend. You should do whatever you’re comfortable with. As I said before, it won’t be long now before Ben starts to sleep for longer periods and eventually through the night. I know its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but hang in there, the worst part is nearly over. I’m sure you’re doing a great job and you’re a great mom.


  3. Making milk is a super power!

    And all super powers take a while to grow into and some mentoring, too. Hope you have all that you need to continue this amazing experience!
    We thought I would have to meet my child on the playground rather than have milk money, but it all worked out and I’m here for you if you need me.

    Love your pictures!


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