Box room slowly turning into Baby Room

Today we bought the crib for the baby’s room.  I wrote a detailed note about this on facebook, but as I was tagging family members so they could read it, with one click, it disappeared.  My muse is gone to write about it, but I will post some of the photos I plan on using for the baby’s room.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be more inspired to write about the exciting day we had today getting a matching maghony crib, dresser drawers, and changing table all for $187.00 at a new store in Wilson called “My Cutie Patootie.”  We had a 20% discount card so it was originally marked as $200.00.  My in-laws insisted on buying the set.  It was a special day to share with my husband and my in-laws as we did a lot of baby shopping.

This is what we bought today.  Super bargain shopping today.

Matching maghony crib, dresser drawers, and changing table set – $187.00 inlcuding a 7% sales tax.

Wooden glider chair and ottoman – $69.00

Portable Graco Pack & Play basinette and play pen – $23.00

An adorable 0-3 months cowboy shirt and matching pants – $7.50

Beyond adorable Nike baby booties ( 2 pairs) – $3.50

We got all the above items at “My Cutie Patootie” –

2 way baby monitor – $7.00 at Goodwill

Baby Safety Starter Kit – $2.50 at Goodwill

Target Bargains on the sales rack:

Black maternity dress – $6.24

Brown pair of maternity pants – $10.48

Black pair of maternity pants – $10.48

Purple print maternity top – $9.98

Green print maternity top – $9.98

Sleeveless black top to wear under maternity tops and dress so my growing cleavage doesn’t spill out – $7.48.

All clothes with 7.75% sales tax – $59.56.

These clothes, along with some other pieces I already have should take me to the end of the pregnancy.  If not, I will just wear a sheet and/or a tent.  I don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes.  For one – they are not that stylish and two, I don’t want to spend a fortune on the “cute” trendy clothes you can buy at stores like “A Pea in the Pod.”  If I was going to be perpetually pregnant, which I will not because I am 35, I would invest in the funky and fun pregnant clothes.  But I will make do with the bargain rack and black stretchy yoga pant!

Today was one of my most favorite days of the pregnancy because I was able to do all this baby shopping with my husband.  We started the day with breakfast at a cute little French like restaurant.  It is where you can get gourmet food, pretty much the only place in Wilson.  The other breakfast choices are Denny’s or Cracker Barrel.  We had french press coffee with roasted coffee beans.  My husband had Quiche and I had a Belgian waffle topped with blueberries and yummy sweet red ripe strawberries.  These were not Wal-mart strawberries.  They were so deliciously red and wonderfully sweet. I also had orange juice.  All said and done with tip, breakfast cost  us $15.00 and we left a $5.00 tip.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my in-laws insisted on buying the crib set.  It was really cute because my husband had told them about the set we found at My Cutie Patootie when he had dropped off some stuff at their house today.  My husband and I went back to the store after we had priced some cribs, dresser drawers, and changing tables at Target and Wal-mart.  For all three, not even in a matching set, would cost us at least $700.00.  So we decided to go back and get it.  We were walking around looking at more stuff we could buy since we had a 20% discount card and my husband’s phone rang.  Sure enough it was Grampa.  He said he was coming down to the store with Grandma and they were going to buy the set.  So we got to share this moment with the Grand parents.  I wish my mom could have been there. She lives in Wyoming.  I live in North Carolina.  My father lives in Heaven.  I am sure he was smiling from above as he LOVES a bargain.  He actually was the person that taught me about bargain and second-hand shopping.  Thanks Dad!

I will post some pictures that will be going on the walls in the baby room.  I want the theme to be simple and clutter free.   We are going to do an animal theme with wooden animals my husband is going to carve.  He is a talented wood-carver.  We are also going to post pictures we have taken at the beach.

So here are a couple of those photos and I have to be going.  Thanks for reading along and following my memomuse blog.

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