10 Things a Day Continued

I have been a huge slacker – I started a get rid of ten things a day campaign months ago and like most things, it started with great fuel and enthusiasm, and slowly dwindled.  So in respect to a good Australian friend who follows my blog, I will continue it, as she said it was a great idea.  What more does a great idea need than ego boosts and enthusiasm.  So I will use her fuel of enthusiasm for this project and try to document the ten things a day I get rid of.  If it gets too much, then I will just jot down a couple things I got rid of.

My husband and I are making room for a baby boy who will be arriving in May.  We have a room that was once called “The Box Room.”  This room was packed full of… drum roll please, yes, you guessed it, BOXES!  Lots and lots of boxes.  The boxes were stacked five to six high, six to seven across in rows.  The room is a huge.  I do not know the dimensions, but it is an old house – built in 1880 with 12 foot ceilings.  This room was stacked tight with boxes.  So much at one point you could not move around.

The room is now two rows on each side of the room and the boxes are only two to three stacked on top of each other.  So, obviously there are lots of things to get rid of.

Here is a ten list from 12/31/09

1.  Christmas cookie tin.  Reason for getting rid of it – it is hard to open and a bit rusty on the bottom.

2.  Exact same type of tin with same reasons.  Both going to Goodwill.

3.  Plastic cup.  Plastic cups – yucko.  Need I say more.  I don’t know how it lasted so long.

4.  Plastic travel coffee mug.  It sits awkwardly in the cup holder in the car.  Plus it is plastic and I am trying to use stainless steel coffee mugs.

5.  M&M coffee mug.  we have a ton of mugs and this one just didn’t make the cut.

6.  Cardinal’s beer mug.  Stands alone in the cupboard with the New England Patriots glasses and no one in our family is a Cardinal’s fan.  Now had it been a mug with a cardinal bird – I would have kept it.  I love cardinals and see them in my yard daily.  Who needs a mug when you have nature.  Plus nature is not materialistic.  Which this get rid of ten things a day campaign is inspired by.

7.  Coffee mug with the name of a bank on it.  It is white with maroon lettering.  Maroon is not a favorite color.  Again, we have too many mugs as is.  My husband wonders how I can dirty so many cups, mugs, and glasses. Well, one I do not have a dish washer.  Two – I do not do my dishes immediately after getting dirty.  And third, there are so many to choose from.  I have told him I want to only have four glasses, four mugs, and four juice glasses.  But we have settled on getting rid of the ones we don’t like or use first.

8.  Coffee mug that says, “Teachers are in a class by themselves.”  I do not like the apple crafty teacher theme.  I am a teacher, just have never taken to the apple and crafty themes that a lot of teacher stuff is decorated with.

9.  Mother’s guilt pot pie.  I am working on this one.  I am getting rid of feeling guilty about not taking care of my mother’s health.  She lives out West and I live on the East Coast.  Her health is less than ideal.  I did live in the same town as her from 2000-2006, but my family had to move for work reasons.  She was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2000 (non-cancerous).  One on her brainstem and one on her cerebellum.  It is hard to get rid of this guilt.  This I would say is a work in progress.

10.  The need to hold onto the past by holding on to physical items.  I have learned that I am a pack rat because I am sentimental.  I want to keep material items to preserve the memory.  The truth is the memory is the preservation.

So you can see why it is hard to update my ten things a day!

This is what I wrote after I wrote my ten things in my journal.

“I no longer want to hold onto the past with clenched fists, fearing the future and the unknowness of it all.  I want to embrace the future with open arms.  So here is my list of 10 I want to cherish and embrace in my life:”

1.  Love

2.  A bond between my son and me

3.  A healthy diet of brightly colored vegetables, mostly organic and local when possible.

4.  A Yankee candle (fresh linen scent)

5.  Hope for my career as an educator, that it’s not so filled with pressure for my students to pass the end of grade standardized tests.

6.  Love and appreciation of my students and appreciation of their individualism and creativity, and youth.

7.  Lots of cute cotton (organic) onesies

8.  A beautiful crib in a mahogany wood.

9.  My son to be healthy

10.  My mother to meet and see her grand-son grow up.

And most of these items do not have a carbon foot print.  In fact, none of them do if I get a soy burning Yankee candle and organic onesies.  🙂

My goal is to post my get rid of ten things and gain ten more  list every week.  Send me an email if I lag behind.  Thanks Michelle for the enthusiasm fuel from the Southern hemisphere

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