10 Things a Day

I am going to try to get rid of ten things a day so I can simplify my life.  Who knows, perhaps I will whiddle away all my earthly possessions. This should be interesting as I pursue this activity this year.  I would like to get rid of things I have not used in the last year to start with.  I am pack rat as I have art I created from elementary school.  I will try my best to post some of the items I get rid of each day.  No promises as I have many irons in the fire, but this is something I have been thinking about for quite some time.  There is a juvenile literature novel about this same concept.  I will post the title when I find out the name.

What are some things you just can’t seem to get rid of but realize they are just cluttering your mind and space?  Note:  some of the items I choose to get rid of can be intangible items such as guilt over a specific event, feeling insecure, etc. etc.

There is such joy when I take a bag of stuff to Goodwill or Salvation  Army and get rid of it!!!!

Here is my list for today (I promise these items went into the bag marked for drop off!)

1. November 2008 county area phone book – going to the recycle bin (I never throw paper away in the regular trash) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Why do I need a phone book when I have a computer to look up numbers on the on-line white pages.

2.  A stuffed animal (a fox in a black velvet  tuxedo holding a red rose with white hearts on red satin pants) that says something when you press the button that says, “press here.”  I am getting rid of this, but it is going to school with me as a prize for my students to use with our reward system.  If it leaves the house, it counts. I make the rules for my decluttering process!

3.  A cloth snowman bag

4.  Machavelli The Prince book tape.  I haven’t read it yet, and don’t plan on it. Someone else can enjoy a book on tape.

5. Colored poster board (royal blue, pink,  purple, light blue) that I laminated for school use for my students to use like white boards. I found that whiteboard markers do not work the same way on laminated poster board as they do on whiteboard. I am wondering if I can recycle the poster board since it was laminated.  I am going to stick it in the recycle bin.

6.   A black wool scarf.  Who needs wool in the South! Plus wool makes my skin itch.

7.  A 100% wool J. Crew roll neck sweater that I used to love when I lived in Wyoming where it was always cold.  But I live in the South now and wool is not needed for winter here.  Plus it was shrunk in the washer and dryer, as my husband was not aware that you can not wash wool.  I don’t care; he does laundry and that is awesome!

8.  A stackable snowman pencil that is missing about four of the lead pencil stacks. I ordered them from Oriental Trader for prizes for my students.  It is in my desk at home and needs to be tossed.  I try to be as eco-conscious as possible, so do I throw it away, give it to my students, or Goodwill.  I think I am going to trash the pencil.

9.  A yellow ghost pencil top eraser. I will put it in the freebie box in my classroom. 

10.  Last one – this is going to be a good one!  A wind chime that in its glory was a beautiful wind chime that make beautiful music. Now it is weathered and falling apart.  I put it in a plastic bag and hopefully a Goodwill shopper who is crafty will piece it back together. All it needs is some fresh string and a simple paint job. But it is leaving the house today.

11. My intangible bonus item – the need to have material possessions.  I get rid of that need. 

Good job! 

So if I skip a day, I have to get rid of twenty items the next day.  I will post a list at least once a week. This is kind of fun. Have a happy de-cluttered day!

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