Summer Love

Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2009

Photo by Megan Oteri Copyright 2009

As summer winds down to the last few weekends, we are reminded of school supplies, new teachers, and packing away our swimsuits and beach toys.  Don’t forget to enjoy the last weekends at the beach, as if I have to remind you!  I have had a great summer.  I was able to spend a full week at Virginia Beach with my husband during our 5th year anniversary.  I was also fortunate enough to spend three full weeks in Wyoming (home for me).  It was splendid.  I miss that great big sky and open land.  The ocean reminds me of Wyoming’s land and sky.  I do have the best of both worlds living in North Carolina.  I can go to the ocean in 2 hours or the mountains in 4.  But there is nothing like Wyoming land and sky.

I am looking forward to fall’s cooler temperatures, the smell of newly sharpened pencils, and the collage of colors from the leaves changing.  Cheers to a summer of love and poetry and cheers to the changes fall brings.

Peace & Poetry,

memo muse


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