An Old Tractor (a Poem in Western Verse)

An Old Tractor

An old tractor shed

frames the Colorado Rockies

old wooden pillars open

my eyes to the blue

sky clear like a

candle’s care.

The moon hangs high

revealing the ripeness

it had a week ago.

The peace and quiet of

the West is hard to

capture in words

I write knee crouched

to avoid rattlers.

Although the old

shed is inviting, she

hesitates with an invitation

knowing I am alone

My shadow keeps me

company as I listen

to the trucks

hum down I-25.

Sitting in this pile

of earth

stretching from

eye-gaze to eye-haze,

I know someday

I’ll live on a ranch

Peace has punctuated

this moment

and God illuminates

within my shadow

The soul envies nothing;

it only strives for

calm winds to

carry it to its

soulmate: peace on earth within the boundaries of love

* I was going to put a photo in this post, but I feel it would ruin the reader’s own imagery created from the poem.

Scientists Find Giant Black Hole Inside One of the Tiniest Known Galaxies

Originally posted on TIME:

NASA said Wednesday that astronomers have found one of the smallest known galaxies ever using the Hubble Space Telescope–but the mini-discovery came with a surprising twist. The tiny galaxy has a massive black hole at its center, nearly five times the size of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Inside the galaxy, at least 1 million stars are visible to the naked eye, according to a NASA press release. To put that in perspective, consider that from Earth we can only see about 4,000 stars in the night sky. The galaxy reportedly has a diameter 1/500th of the size of ours, with 140 million stars that fit inside. Astronomers think the galaxy is proof that “dwarf galaxies” are parts of larger galaxies that were broken up by collisions with other galaxies.

“We don’t know of any other way you could make a black…

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